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Is Uee Currently Dating Anyone?

Formerly called the visual member of the girl group After School, Uee is currently recognized as an actress. All of her activities, like shooting a drama, attending events, and being the model of the pictorial magazine, are within the spotlight, and these don’t exclude her private matters within the love department. In one interview, Uee described that her ideal type could be a man who doesn’t have double eyelids. additionally, she picked Gong Yoo and Rain because the male celebrities are the closest match to what she is trying to find in a very man in terms of traits. during this article, we’ll present you with all the knowledge about Uee’s dating scandals with Korean celebrities who you certainly must know. So, continue reading!

Uee and Joo Won’s Dating News

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The first male celebrity who was involved in an exceedingly dating rumor with Uee is actor Joo Won. it’s known that both Uee and Joo Won acted as lovers in their drama Ojakgyo Brothers. Their excellent on-screen chemistry earned a positive reaction from the viewers who were desirous to see them as a true couple. In February 2012, the cast of Ojakgyo Brothers appeared in season 3 of KBS2’s Happy Together. During the Couple OX Quiz, both Uee and Joo Won were asked an issue, “Would you truly date one another, if asked out?” to which both of them answered by holding the “O” panel.

Pic 2 - Is Uee dating?Uee admitted that she couldn’t help but involve her own feelings whenever she acted with Joo Won, “When I saw him putting on a suit for a scene, I noticed that men in suits are literally very charismatic.” On the opposite hand, the general public was able to see Joo Won’s caring side as stated by Uee during their interview in KBS’s Entertainment Relay, “He brings me hot packs on cold days and makes sure my jackets are zipped up all the way. He quietly takes care of me on the side. He helps me memorize my lines too.” Joo Won also expressed his adoration towards Uee by saying that each side of Uee is lovable.

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After Ojakgyo Brothers ended, Uee and Joo Won were still mentioned in each other’s interviews. When Joo Won was interviewed by Ilgan Sports newspaper, he was asked what it absolutely was preferred to act with Uee and what were his feelings toward her, to which the actor replied that when he saw his character fall deeper for Uee’s character, he couldn’t help but become interested in Uee, “In that situation, if only one of the 2 people had made up our minds and made a splash towards the opposite, we could are a real-life couple.”

One year later, Uee and Joo Won met at the 49th Baeksang Arts Awards. At the event, Uee expressed her slight jealousy at Joo Won as he chose Choi Kang-hee as his best partner rather than her, “We received this award together and were overcome with emotion, but you chose Choi Kang-hee sunbaenim (senior) as your best partner. have you ever forgotten me?” Joo Won replied tactfully to her statement by saying that he had lots of fun watching Uee’s drama at that point Jeon Woo Chi.

Uee and Lee Sang-yoon’s Dating News

The second male celebrity whom Uee has been involved during a dating rumor with is actor Lee Sang-yoon. Unlike her previous dating rumor with Joo Won, Uee’s relationship with Lee Sang-yoon had been confirmed in May 2016, after an industry representative revealed that the celebrities have begun dating at the start of the year, after meeting one another at a lunch meeting. before their relationship, Uee and Lee Sang-yoon were seen linking arms at the Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA) held in Hongkong in December 2015, though at that point they still hadn’t started dating. a detailed relation is what described Uee and Lee Sang-yoon’s activities after they persist dates, “They be sure of 1 another sort of a regular couple. Sometimes they argue but the argument soon passes over. Their model-like looks are envied by many celebrities also.”

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In August 2016, Uee and Lee Sang-yoon were seen at the primary birthday celebration (doljanchi) of their friend’s child. Comedian Yoon Sang-min, who attended the event further, shared some photos that show Uee and Lee Sang-yoon’s attendance. The couple was also seen harmoniously when Lee Sang-yoon starred in On the thanks to the Airport as Uee reportedly supported her boyfriend plenty, though jokingly said that he looks good along with his co-star actress Kim Ha-neul.

Unfortunately, Uee and Lee Sang-yoon’s relationship lasted just for a year as they decided to interrupt up because of busy schedules that caused them to disaffect. Even though they’re now not lovers, Uee and Lee Sang-yoon remain decent senior and junior within the show business for mutual support.

Uee and Kangnam’s Dating News

Finally, the foremost recent dating rumor that Uee has been involved in is with Kangnam, a member of the Korean hip-hop group M.I.B. Their relationship began after they met on SBS’s wildlife show Laws of the Jungle. Reportedly, the episode within which Uee and Kangnam appeared to hit the simplest viewer ratings recorded within the show’s history, especially the part where Kangnam swung Uee’s hammock, showing his caring and protective side to her.

Pic 6 - Is Uee dating?Initially, the dating rumor between Uee and Kangnam had been denied by both Uee’s agency (Yuleum Entertainment) and Kangnam’s agency (RD Entertainment), stating that they’re only friends. An analogous statement also came directly from Uee as she wrote a post on her personal Instagram (@uieing8849), “Currently filming! I used to be so startled once I got a sudden phone call! Kangnam oppa and that I got close during Laws of the Jungle. we’ve eaten meals along with the staff after the show ended but to mention that we are dating from that creates me sad???? Everyone! If I actually start dating somebody, I will be able to tell you! right away, is functioning time!!! #ManHole.”

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Dispatch then came forward and released photos of Uee and Kangnam that show their affectionate moments after meeting up. The undeniable proof made Uee and Kangnam’s agencies publicly reveal the connection of their artists. Yuleum Entertainment specifically reasoned that they originally refuted the rumor because Uee didn’t want to cause harm to the upcoming drama (Manhole) that she is functioning on. On the opposite hand, RD Entertainment stated that the lovers are dating for 2 months.

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Sadly, Uee and Kangnam’s relationship finished one month later, in August 2017. Kangnam’s agency stated that Uee and Kangnam inevitably broke up due to their busy schedules, hence deciding to stay only with colleagues. A more detailed reason was informed by Kangnam in late October 2017, through his interview with media outlet BNT, “We were both busy with our dramas and that we felt burdened by the publicity of our relationship, so we broke up.” He also said that he’s not the sort to cover his relationship, “I don’t mind getting caught, but, I noticed that the opposite person might find it exhausting. I feel sorry (towards Uee).”

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