Inspirational quotes from EXO will make you feel touch

60 inspirational quotes from EXO members. Maybe you will be more motivated through those inspirational stories!

EXO is one of every of the foremost successful K-Pop boy group within the world. The members also are known for his or her amazing visuals and skills. But it wasn’t easy for them until they become who they’re now. that they had to figure hard, faced many hardships until their dreams came true. There are lots of things we will learn from the EXO members. Let’s get some inspiration and motivation from EXO members’ quotes!

Top 5 Suho’s Quotes

  1. You are pretty now. But if you don’t learn to like yourself, whether or not you’re pretty, you’re not truly considered beautiful.
  2. Honestly, I’ve wanted to relinquish up plenty of times. But I worked hard. I believed I might succeed if I worked hard.
  3. I’m of the fashion to figure hard, even for little things.
  4. I try to not forget to enjoy what’s given, similarly on feel grateful for those given to me.
  5. I can’t be bright all the time, but I would like to be a cheerful person. I also want to create people feel relaxed. The urge to present people next to me comfort is robust. I make efforts to amuse people whether or not it ruins myself.

Top 5 Chanyeol’s Quotes

  1. No matter how difficult something is, I’ll always be positive and smile like an idiot.
  2. In order to attain what you desire, you have got to constantly be pursuing and striving towards them, at the identical time keeping yourself in fine condition.
  3. I’d prefer to make everything that I do enjoyable for everybody. When I’m enjoying myself, I confirm that not only do I find joy within the process, but to also strive for a positive outcome at the very end.
  4. I would give myself plenty of pressure, to always be working hard and to try to do everything well.
  5. I always welcome new things, if it’s there on my behalf me to undertake then I might wish to provide it an attempt.

Top 5 Xiumin’s Quotes

  1. The best thing in life is having the ability to try to do what people say you’re ineffective to try to do.
  2. Being pretty is different than being loved.
  3. If there’s something that you just want to try to do, do it.
  4. I just accept myself for who I’m. I tend to appear at the truth.
  5. I don’t hold any grudges and I’m not very greedy. But that doesn’t mean I don’t take challenges.

Top 5 D.O’s Quotes

  1. Forget all of your regrets. Just march on and be fearless.
  2. If you rush ahead, you’ll miss the important things.
  3. We can’t help but be human and find hurt.
  4. I want to stay experiencing and feeling new things, whatever they may be.
  5. I want to indicate to people something from inside me.

Top 5 Baekhyun’s Quotes

  1. Life is barely a path filled with effort.
  2. I learned the reality that there’s nothing in this world that’s easy.
  3. Always fight. I will be able to cheer for you.
  4. Trust takes years to make, a second to interrupt, and forever to repair.
  5. People say that everyone things happen for a reason. I feel that. I feel everything is fate.

Top 5 Kai’s Quotes

  1. Make memories you recognize you’ll always remember.
  2. When I am depressed, I observe Depression straight within the eye, cry my troubles away, and shake it off because it’s not something to be ashamed of.
  3. I’d don’t have any regrets about dying on stage.
  4. A lot of individuals don’t personally realize that they’re happy when they’re happy and sometimes just go by it. looking at how you create up your mind, this moment immediately could also be the happiest moment of your life.
  5. I’d rather bend than break.

Top 5 Chen’s Quotes

  1. In the past, I blamed myself for each little mistake, but now I’m learning to not consider everything that happened within the past.
  2. Even though the language is different, the music is that the same.
  3. The ground hardens after the rain.
  4. You need to completely understand and know yourself before you may succeed, and if you don’t try this, you may move aloof from the goal because of various conditions.
  5. I believe that we should always be treating others equally.

Top 5 Sehun’s Quotes

  1. Let’s live while doing the items we like.
  2. I think people can learn from others. People are all special in their own way.
  3. Relationships are of the foremost importance in life. With humans, the more you see one another, the more you become keen on the opposite, don’t you? the method of getting close to someone is fun.
  4. I think of the latest things as something that I buy to experience and be enlightened by.
  5. I want to own more dynamic experiences, do plenty more, know more things, help the people around me, and learn from one another. I need to measure that way.

Top 5 Lay’s Quotes

  1. I will do my best as myself, then along with my team, I’ll walk towards that almost all glorious day.
  2. I don’t know the way long we’ll be together in our lives but with the time we’ve straight away, I’d prefer it if we rejoiced and that we are happy.
  3. It is enough on my behalf as long I can cherish each and each moment after you guys are beside me.
  4. I just about do like myself, well at the very least I don’t dislike myself.
  5. The only thanks to not letting myself have any regrets is to practice as hard as I can.

Top 5 EXO’s Funny Quotes

EXO members all look cool on stage, but they’re actually funny. They often joke around and play with one another. Let’s check five funny quotes by EXO members!

  1. I don’t date ugly girls because I feel they don’t exist. (Lay)
  2. I usually rouse quarter-hour before we must always depart, but it takes 20 minutes on behalf of me to urge ready. (Baekhyun)
  3. I don’t like it once I get called cute. I would like to listen to that I’m handsome. (Sehun)
  4. We really have superpowers. we actually came from an unknown planet. (Chanyeol)
  5. Since we arrived on Earth, we’ve actually lost our powers a small amount. They only appear in our music videos. (Suho)

Top 10 EXO’s Quotes From Song Lyrics

Not only what the members said, but the lyrics of EXO’s songs can also become a source of our inspiration and motivation. Let’s see if you discover them from these lyrics!

  1. I will trust you, protect you, and luxury you. I’ll get on your side. I will be able to never leave your side. (EXO – what’s Love)
  2. Even if I wander through unfamiliar places, whether or not I buy lost, I will be able to follow my heart, which is more honest than anyone else’s. (EXO – Don’t Go)
  3. When fate tests you and conveys tears, regardless of when, rather like a miracle, I’ll appear before of you. (EXO – 3.6.5)
  4. I am crammed with errors but as I learn, I can get stronger. (EXO – History)
  5. Don’t concentrate on what anyone says, just be beautiful such as you are without delay. (EXO – Ko Ko Bop)
  6. I am so thankful a day that you simply are here. you’re a present from God. (EXO – Sing for You)
  7. Even if it’s hard and that I am tired, whether or not my heart is in pain, I’ll persist stage again. I’ll muster my strength yet again, for you, who has waited on my behalf of me. (EXO – Promise)
  8. I have a replacement dream, it’s to be a more robust man. (EXO – Lucky)
  9. As your guardian, I will be able to block the stiff wind. although people turn their backs to you, if I could become the one who can wipe your tears on a tiring day, it’ll be paradise. (EXO – Angel)
  10. I’m grateful to be allowed to measure during these blessed days. on a daily basis creating new ties, sharing good love with everyone instead of shattered hearts. (EXO – MAMA)

Even though EXO members achieved their dreams as an idol, they’re still working hard to realize more and become better. After reading their quotes, did you gain some strength? Let’s achieve our dreams, too!

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