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Inside Seo Ye Ji’s Style From “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”

Besides the unique plotline and unconventional cinematography, Seo’s fashion is another reason to stay glued to the series. Keep reading to find out why we’re totally obsessed with Seo Ye Ji’s style.

tvN’s “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” has quickly become a K-drama for the ages: it has an all-star cast and a plot that explores important issues of mental health in a wonderfully healing, heartfelt way. But there’s no denying another reason why this drama is topping everyone’s lists of faves: female lead Go Moon Young’s (Seo Ye Ji) fashion! The talented Seo Ye Ji looks gorgeous in every single outfit in her role as this fairytale author. What’s the key to her fashion? Well, we could take it from Moon Young herself: “if you want to be fashionable, you must be uncomfortable and stubborn.” We will have a further insight into Seo Ye Ji’s style and how she puts together her stunning looks

1. Sleeves that slay

We knew Moon Young was unique from her first moment on screen, but it was probably this dress that first made us realize how totally iconic she would be:

The bright pink and turquoise tones create a bold effect, but it’s that giant shoulder bow that tells us not to mess with this boss lady. In fact, this is one of Moon Young’s most important style tips: it’s all about the sleeves! Whether it’s bows, ruffles, or edgy points, Moon Young’s sleeves always accentuate her shoulders to give off an air of being large and in charge, yet still distinctly feminine.

Seo Ye Ji’s style

2. Business with a twist

Speaking of the feminine, Moon Young almost always sports a skirt, frequently as part of a matching set that has a business-like vibe. In monochrome outfits with jacket tops, Moon Young can look anything from cute to graceful to sexy, yet still, maintain an air of professionalism.

Ever alluring, even Moon Young’s more formal looks have a sexy twist, featuring either short skirts that show off Seo Ye Ji’s beautiful legs or the subtlest peek of waist via a cropped long-sleeve top, like in the pink set above or in this stunning black ensemble:

3. Corset effect


Speaking of Moon Young’s waist, she also loves to accentuate it: whether it’s a low-sitting layered cami top or an oversized leather belt, these statement pieces are among the most unique points of Moon Young’s fashion!

4. Fairy-like frocks

Moon Young can be a real handful sometimes — from stubborn to rude to downright dangerous — but because of her terrible childhood, Moon Young in many ways hasn’t matured since she was a little girl: she’s also incredibly childlike and innocent. This softer side of Moon Young’s personality also comes across in her fashion, when she wears ethereal white and pastel dresses with delicate, fluttery textures. Forget fairytales — Seo Ye Ji looks like a fairy herself in these outfits!

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5. Queen of statements

As if her stunning outfits weren’t enough, Moon Young’s accessories are downright exquisite. Her jewellery, sunglasses, and handbags are worthy of being called statement pieces, and yet they’re delicate enough to not come across as over-the-top. Moon Young frames her face with long, elegant earrings, in timeless finishes like gold, pearl, and diamond.

When she’s not hypnotizing us with her signature, slightly sparkly eye makeup, Moon Young dons a pair of oversized shades in some edgy geometric shapes:

Another look we love? Her mismatch earrings on the right!

And when it comes to other accessories, delicate jewellery and perfect manicures accentuate Seo Ye Ji’s long, slender fingers:

Seo Ye Ji’s Style

Finally, Moon Young is rarely without a designer purse or clutch, but our favourite has got to be this insanely tiny bag:

Practical? No. Adorable? Yes.

6. Head to toe glam

Our girl knows the importance of topping an outfit off with the perfect hat or pulling a look together with a gorgeous pair of heels.

Seo Ye Ji’s Style

We don’t quite understand how Moon Young manages to strut around in heels all day, every day, but her feet are always adorned with stunning stilettos — she does love sharp things, after all.

7. Classically feminine

All of Moon Young’s outfits are quite feminine, but this quality really comes through in some of her relatively simpler outfits: a patterned dress with a bow or a few ruffles makes for an effortlessly graceful, charmingly feminine look.

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Seo Ye Ji’s Style

8. Goddess-like gowns

The best part about living in a giant mansion, I imagine, would be traipsing around wood-panelled rooms and down grand staircases in long, flowing robes. Luckily, we can live vicariously through Seo Ye Ji as she does just that: Moon Young’s lounge outfits are hauntingly beautiful and make her look as gorgeous as a goddess — or like she’s just stepped out of a fairytale.

Seo Ye Ji’s Style

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