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Facts and details about IU and G-Dragon’s relationship that you need to know

Similarly dubbed because the King and Queen of Korean music charts, G-Dragon and IU have recently collaborated for the song “Palette,” featured in IU’s fourth full-length album. The song itself talks about IU’s perception of herself and the way much she has grown over the years, with G-Dragon’s verse complimenting that concept and urging her on her journey to get herself. Through the song, both artists aren’t only ready to display their own personal charms but also their friendship that was unknown to most until the discharge of the song.

As the song reached preferred on multiple music charts, for sure of the duo, fans, and therefore the public began to wonder about the character of their relationship, how the 2 ought to know one another and have become close. So let’s take a glance at the successes of both IU and G-Dragon and their blossoming friendship!

IU’s Career

IU started off her career as a solo singer debuting under Kakao M, formerly Loen Entertainment. She was signed as a trainee in 2007 and released her first album at just 15 years old, titled Lost and located. The album established her name within the industry, but it had been not until “Good Day” was released that she became a household name within the Korean show business. The song was the title track of her 2010 album, Real, and set a record breaking 5 weeks straight on the Korean music charts. She followed up the success with more hits like “You and I”, “Red Shoes”, “Through The Night”, “Palette”, and last, “Ppippi”.

Not only is she one every of the few incredibly successful recent mainstream Korean female solo artists, but she is additionally a really well-established actress. She has starred in various dramas like Dream High, The Producers, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, and My Mister. Furthermore, she has sometimes also taken part in the soundtrack for the dramas, which is proof of her multi-talented personality. Through success, she has earned herself various spots in Korean variety shows, one amongst them being the music festival special of Infinity Challenge. this is often one in all the days she has directly encountered and interacted with G-Dragon.

G-Dragon’s Career

Not abundantly different from IU’s beginnings, G-Dragon also started off his career as an idol, yet different from her, he debuted during a group. G-Dragon debuted because the leader of the boy group detonation, signed under YG entertainment, in 2006. His career with an explosion is unquestionably notable within the grand scheme of things as he was able to reach the quantity one spot multiple times, both domestically and internationally, with songs like “Lies”, “Last Farewell”, “Day by Day”, “Bang Bang Bang”, and more.

As he promotes together with his group, he also does quite a few solo projects on the side, like the albums Heartbreaker and Coup d’Etat, yet because the EPs one among a sort and Kwon Ji Yong. The hits contained in those few projects are legendary and have become chart-toppers instantly, having a sing-a-long quality to every and each one. His songs are easy to empathize with and depict rock bottom points of his life. Thus the successes that his albums and hits have brought also helped him to be invited to the Infinity Challenge Music Festival Challenge together with IU.

Friendship Between IU and G-Dragon

IU and G-Dragon’s friendship has such a definite and unique beginning, but one of all their most notable appearances is during Infinity Challenge‘s Music Festival Special. The 2 were invited as guests by the regulars of the show and were made to assist the regulars to write, produce, and perform songs at the bi-annual festival that they hold. They were both paired with a special cast member, IU with comedian Park Myung-soo and G-Dragon along with band member Taeyang, were paired with comedian Hwang Kwang-hee. They interacted in between segments, through some cleverly done talk sessions and games done by the regulars. Not only that but they were perceived to even be friendly off-screen, encouraging one another within the process of the work.

In 2017, IU came back along with her fourth album, titled “Palette”, which featured a title track of the identical name. The song tells a story of her own struggles in discovering herself and her progress throughout her career. Not only that, but the song also featured a verse done by G-Dragon himself, a display of their friendship. When asked about the collaboration, IU responded by revealing the very fact that she has been a devotee of his for an extended time. During the method of creating the song, she asked him for plenty of recommendations and therefore the featuring didn’t acquire play until later within the process. As she was writing and producing her song, at one point an element came out where it looked as if it would be the right place for a rap verse, more importantly, someone who had G-Dragon’s style and tone of rap.

Their friendship can really be seen once they are together, for instance, once they are guests at each other’s concerts. they need to attend each other’s concerts as guests, like IU’s Palette concert and G-Dragon’s Motte III World Tour Concert. What’s amazing about these guest appearances is that it’s not only done at their domestic concerts but also at those abroad, like IU’s participation in G-Dragon’s Motte III concert in Taiwan. they typically do a brief moment before their performance together, sometimes chatting about how they came to be friends and the way glad they’re to be performing together. except for performing Palette together, IU also sometimes fills sure the feminine parts in GD’s other songs.

Much to IU’s surprise, G-Dragon didn’t only partake within the title track of her album but also in helping to customize Palette‘s photo book with a collage. The collage he made for the photo book will be seen in an exceedingly behind-the-scenes video she uploaded herself on her Instagram account. The video contains a glance at the photo book that has been pasted with cutouts of flowers and other 3D flower stickers. Three days before uploading the video, she revealed at her concert that she has received a really heartwarming gift from G-Dragon, one of the top three most heartfelt gifts she has received that year.

Other than the photo book, the 2 have also exchanged others gifts, one within the variety of a refrigerator that IU has given G-Dragon leading up to his military enlistment. The refrigerator isn’t a standard refrigerator because it is full of soju bottles with a G-Dragon version of the label pasted thereon. This is an indoor joke because IU is currently the brand ambassador of 1 of the most important soju brands in Korea. G-Dragon revealed this by posting an image of the gift on his social media account.

So what does one consider their friendship? Does it cause you to want to be friends with G-Dragon and IU? Comment your thoughts within the section below!

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