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INFINITE’s Hoya had an appearance on the “Street Man Fighter”!

“Flops?” old style K-pop fans become angered as new K-pop fans disrespect INFINITE after Hoya appeared on ‘Street Man Fighter’

INFINITE’s Hoya made the ultimate cut on the ‘Street Man Fighter’ prologue show ‘Be Ambitious’ and has been competing on the Mnet dance competition show.

Since the recognition of the show, Hoya has been garnering attention as he’s an idol dancer on the show. As more and more people are gathering their attention to the show, K-pop fans of the new generation are that specialize in Hoya.


Unfortunately, some new generation K-pop fans are making rude statements asking if INFINITE were flops and who the group is.

Translation: Guys what tier was INFINITE? I used to be wondering why Lee Ho Won is (Hoya) an idol on ‘Street Man Fighter,’ but he said he’s an idol called INFINITE. they do not even have 500,000 followers; what tier were they in? does one know which idol you’ll compare them to today? Were they popular? Why is an idol on ‘Street Man Fighter???”


Old-school K-pop fans came to the group’s defense saying that INFINITE was actually within the first tier of recognition and was one of the foremost popular groups from the second generation.

Netizens commented, “1st tier. You guys do not know INFINITE?” “They were 1st tier from the 2.5 generation,” “They were the first tier. it absolutely was either B2ST or INFINITE,” “I’m shocked they do not know INFINITE,” and “They do not know INFINITE…”

Many 2nd generation fans were angered because the new generation of K-pop fans was saying rude comments about INFINITE. These fans commented, “INFINITE wasn’t a flop,” “These new generation K-pop fans are so rude,” “They were the highest tier from the 2.5 generation, aren’t they?? they’d such a big amount of hit songs like ‘Chaser’ around 2010,” “In my time, the miracle of the small-mid-sized companies were INFINITE, B2ST, and teenage Top,” “INFINITE has numerous hit songs,” and “How can INFINITE be called a flop??”

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