In Oscars 2022, Lee Seo Jin was treated impolitely by the famous Hollywood star

Many netizens have co-criticized the actions of female star Jamie Lee Curtis for the famous Korean actor Lee Seo Jin in Oscar 2022

Most recently, the share of popular actor Lee Seo Jin in the reality shows Unexpected Journey suddenly became a controversial topic on Korean social networks. In the show, actor Lee Seo Jin escorted 75-year-old female star, Youn Yuh Jung, to the Oscars 2022. Here, they met veteran Hollywood star, Jamie Lee Curtis.

When seeing Lee Seo Jin holding a wallet in her hand, the staff asked about the owner of this wallet. The Korean actor replied, “This is Jamie Lee Curtis’s wallet. She asked me to keep this wallet. But I’m not sure she knows who I am.” After that, the female Halloween star is said to have taken back her wallet without even saying thank you to Lee Seo Jin.

lee seo jin

Actor Lee Seo Jin and star Youn Yuh Jung met veteran actress Jamie Lee Curtis on the red carpet of the Oscars 2022

lee seo jin oscar

Lee Seo Jin was asked to keep the wallet…

lee seo jin

… by Jamie Lee Curtis

A lot of Korean netizens have expressed their anger at this situation. Many people criticized Jamie Lee Curtis for being impolite, even acting with contempt for Lee Seo Jin. Netizens think that even if they don’t know who Lee Seo Jin is, the Hollywood female star should say thank you to the person who kept her wallet for her.

oscar 2022

Jamie Lee Curtis asked Lee Seo Jin to keep his wallet for a photo

oscar 2022

After that, the female star is said to have gone straight and not thanked Lee Seo Jin

Although not globally famous, in Korea, Lee Seo Jin is an A-list name. The actor was born in 1971, has an outstanding family, and is a descendant of the Joseon Royal Family (Last name Lee in the Andong region). His grandfather used to take on the role of Governor of Chosun Savings – Korea’s first bank. The actor’s father is the former director of Anhung Mutual Credit Bank in Seoul. His family information is the family of the founder of LG Corporation.

The actor himself is no ordinary character. In 1993, Lee Seo Jin graduated from New York University Stern School of Business – one of the three most famous universities for business administration. The actor has both acted in films and took on the position of CEO of Ask Veritas Assets Management, a financial management company that has won many global and Asian awards. Besides, Lee Seo Jin also has relationships with many high-ranking figures both at home and abroad.

lee seo jin

Lee Seo Jin is the actor with the most prominent family in Korean showbiz

According to many sources, the actor’s assets are up to 60 billion won (about 1200 billion VND). Lee Seo Jin used to have a painful love affair with actress Paris Love Story – Kim Jung Eun. The couple had a relationship when they co-starred in the movie Lovers in 2006 and broke up two years later. After the breakup, he did not publicly date anyone and remained single at the age of 51.

lee seo jin

Lee Seo Jin is still single after breaking up with Kim Jung Eun

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  1. June 3, 2022

    Lee Seo Jin is a wonderful actor, and is not as popular in America. But I think Jamie Lee Curtis should issue an sit down and get to know one another. Both actor and actress could do a film, and be a it could be a smash hit !!!
    Lee Seo Jin and Jamie Lee Curtis may have had a crash landing, but sometimes fate works out that way. What everyone needs is a little love and understanding and less conflict. So Jamie Lee & Seo Jin get together and enjoy a meal your both lucky STARS to us your fans.

  2. June 10, 2022
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  3. July 17, 2022
    Elena Musetescu Telesa

    I invite Jamie Lee Curtis to see only Wonderful Days series with Lee Seo Jin and Youn Yuh Jung to clarify at least partially who is Lee Seo Jin and what can he do in the movie….

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