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Today, Xenews will show Imitation drama Review! Are you excited and expected to this interesting drama? Get ready with us!          

Imitation drama tells the stories of K-Pop artists as they claim to love, chase dreams, and brave hardships to create it to the highest.

Adapted from the webtoon of the identical name, Imitation incorporates a lot of real-life idols from our favorite idol groups. all of them close to focus on the cruel reality of the K-pop industry.

Main cast: Jeong Ji So | Lee Jun Young | Jeong Yun Ho | Park Ji Yeon
Streaming site: KBS2 | Viki
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Imitation Quick Plot Recap

A new K-pop girl group party is created by the CEO of JH entertainment Ji Hak. He was the manager of the famous boy group SHAX in the past. He resigned after the sudden disappearance of 1 of Shax‘s members Eun Jo within the middle of their comeback performance. Lee Ma Ha could be a member of the new idol group party. She is previously a member of the idol group Omega III, which disbanded on the day of their debut because of a tragic incident involving a former trainee at the group’s company.

Following the incident, Ma Ha had to support herself by mimicking the favored solo singer La Li Ma, gaining her public dishonor. Starting afresh with the party, she finds herself frequently crossing paths with Kwon Ryeok.

Ryeok is that the preferred member of Shax and has also dabbled into acting. He’s Eun Jo’s succor and continues to be haunted by his disappearance even after three years. Ryeok and Ma Ha started off on the incorrect foot as he disliked her for imitating Li Ma.

But the 2 gradually develop an interest in one another and begin a secret relationship that might put both of their careers in danger. Meanwhile, Lee Yu Jin who is Ma Ha’s loyal friend and also the center of the rising boy group Sparkling, harbored a crush on Ma Ha since their idol trainee days.

When he realized the growing fondness between Ma Ha and Ryok, he’s determined to guard her against Ryeok and lead Sparkling to dethrone Shax because the hottest boy group within the industry.

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Pic 4 - Imitation drama Review and Watch OnlineImitation drama Series Peak Points + Drawbacks

Lee Maha is packaged because of the focal role within the series, Her underdog story may be a picture She also dreams that her group can have a successful debut. These traits were easily likable but the initial introduction didn’t quite embody her role. At some point, her character became a small amount disinteresting. Her chemistry with popular boyband Shax member Ryeok was also a touch bland.

Lee Jun Young could be a particular actor and then is Jung Ji So but thanks to plenty of clichés, the romance between them weren’t showcased properly. Like Ma-Ha, Ryeok’s character was also really interesting. He had his own goals and motives and in contrast to Maha was successful yet under plenty of emotional burdens.

Rather than connecting these characters with the similarities that they had so they may support one another during their transition from hate to like relationship, the drama tried to present too many differences between them. Nevertheless, both Maha and Ryeok are strong and bold characters which was shown well to the audience.

Unpolished Narrative That Leaves Pensive Moment

Another poorly-written couple is Hyun Ji and Yu Jin. Hyun Ji is by herself a stunning character alongside fellow members of the party Yu Ri-Ah. However, her pairing with Yu Jin gave the impression to be a forced one. Hyun Ji’s crush for Yu Jin is fairly unrequited as he hardly reciprocated it back.

Their screen presence was also very minimal and eventually, once they got together, the story shifted its specialize in Maha. It’d be better if the drama allowed developing this couple more. Also, it could have shown a touch bit more about the budding chemistry between Ri-Ah and another Shax member Kang Lee Hyun.

Surprisingly, the character whom anyone will like as a viewer is that the solo singer La Li Ma. She broke the stereotype of a malicious second female lead that was shown within the initial episodes. it absolutely was truly reviving and enjoyable to determine how her character grew within the show.

The shortcoming of this show is evidently ignoring the bottom of the storyline around Eunjo and Annie. Now, this was an intriguing part of the show. However, it absolutely was not given much importance. it absolutely was shown for some seconds when it absolutely was needed then insignificantly solved the case within two episodes.

Presenting the Shax Fins as an annoying constant throughout the show somehow highlights the truth of the toxic fans of idols so it had been okay.

Average But Engaging Cast Portrayal

The cast for the foremost characters is usually rookie actors who are real-life K-pop idols. From that perspective, they really did a moderately average job in playing their respective roles.

SF9 Chani who have played support roles in many dramas may be seen improved a lot during this drama.

Jung Ji So who was recently seen in Doom At Your Service did her part well because of the leader of the show. She was ready to showcase the struggles of an idol to create it big.

Lee Jun Young (U-kiss) and Jung Yun Ho (Ateez) who debuted with this show, were also the opposite leads and did their job fine.

Park Ji Yeon (T-ara) did exceptionally well along with her role. She failed to disappoint the least bit throughout the drama.

Danny Ahn who played Ji Hak is that the most experienced actor during this drama but he didn’t have much to supply to the current show. It might be better if he was given more screen presence.

The rest of the cast including Choi Jong Ho (Ateez), Im Na Young (IOI), Hwi Young (SF9), Kim Min Seo, Ahn Jung Hun, Park Seong Hwa (Ateez), Lee Soo Woong (Boys Republic), Choi San (Ateez), Park Yu Ri did well in supporting the show.


Since it’s a show about K-pop idols with lots of real-life idols in it from popular groups, then the music of the drama needs to be great. The OST of this drama is sweet. Some songs are catchy, some heart-touching and a few are melodious.

All the tracks by party, Shax, Sparkling and La Lima are nice but the foremost soothing song needs to be Eun Jo and Annie’s song “Constellation”. it’s a song for all the dreamers who struggling to achieve success within the K-pop industry. It gives a way of hope and positive energy and luxury to everyone.

Imitation drama Series Musings

The drama definitely draws attention to some hard-hitting issues about the K-pop industry but also did not create an effect because it disregarded some major plot lines and character growth. The acting is additionally mediocre.

Overall, it’s a 12 episode drama with almost nothing new or unique to supply but it absolutely was a minimum of an honest watch with a contented ending and wasn’t rushed. it’s definitely worth a one-time watch with some good music and also favorite idols from popular groups Ateez, SF9 et al in it.

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