iKON shares about their shock when having scandal!

iKON first shared about the massive shock when B.I left the group: Can’t head to the show, though it had been disbanded

This is the primary time iKON members have shared about the group’s difficult time when B.I left due to the drug scandal. iKON has just made a comeback with But You and frequently appeared on the recent broadcast of the talk show Dr. Oh Golden Clinic, 3 members Bobby, Donghyuk, and Junhoe attended. Here, for the primary time, iKON members shared their feelings about former member B.I, who had to depart the group due to a drug scandal 3 years ago.

ikon talk show

3 iKON members within the recent broadcast

Donghyuk unfolded about his constant anxiety, “We debuted for 8 years and I have been with the members for over 10 years, happy and sad together. once we debuted, everything was very stressful and it felt like numerous things were happening directly, but we also enjoyed the happiness of being at the highest. But now the members are always in an exceeding state of hysteria. we do not know why either.”


Many iKON members must cope with anxiety

Junhoe continued, “We’re within the 8th year of our careers, to be honest, we went through a golden age after we debuted and peaked amorously Scenario. On the other hand, everything stagnated there, not growing up anymore. No more viral effects, our popularity is decreasing over time. In fact, I do not even know if it is called famous.”

iKON has had time to hide with the national song “Love Scenario”, which has the potential to become the foremost popular boy group within the 3rd generation, but the banned substance scandal of leader B.I have stopped this boy group. Therefore, for iKON, the foremost difficult moment for the group was when B.I left the group due to drug accusations.



Donghyuk said, “Honestly when B.I hyung left the group and there have been only 6 folks left without a pacesetter, I used to be dumbfounded. he’s chargeable for many things. At that point, almost nobody came out of the area.”

B.I’s departure caused iKON members to panic to the purpose that Bobby thought the group was getting ready to disband: “When the leader, the mainstay of the group, who was answerable for numerous different jobs, just left, I used to be thinking ‘Is this the tip for iKON?’. I still remember after I was so desperate that I said, “If B.I leaves, iKON will fail and find yourself here.”


iKON must be continue as 6-member boy group

Junhoe reminisced a few difficult times when iKON had no promotions and couldn’t appear on broadcasts. The YG boy band can only produce fan-specific content. Public appearances on popular shows are impossible.

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