Have you seen Stray Kids’s Hyun Jin long hair collection?

Best 5 long hair styling of Stray Kids’s HyunJin. Check it out if you want to try long hair!

Stray Kids‘s Hyun Jin has kept his hair long for quite a while now. STAY love his hair and there’s no wonder why since he looks so attractive with it.

With his long hair, he tried different styling with blond and black hair, tied or untied, and also numerous accessories.

We have selected the 5 best styling of HyunJin’s long hair (only from his most up-to-date blond hair). what’s your favorite? allow us to know within the comments.

1- Ponytail

HyunJin looks mesmerizing with a ponytail. This styling is cool and eye-catchy. He seems like a personality from a manga.

2- Hairband

With this hairband, HyunJin was captivating on stages. He even added one scar on his nose to complete the styling.

3- Braids

This little braids styling is unquestionably one amongst our favorites as HyunJin managed to tug them off perfectly.

4- Untied prince-like hair

With his hair untied, HyunJin has somehow this prince-like vibes. He looks elegant and charming.

5- Beret

His collection of berets is simply too huge. HyunJin has worn the accessory with lots of various colors and managed to seem amazing altogether of them.

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