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Do you want to know how HyunA has a sexy body? Today, we will discover HyunA’s diet. Are you expected to this information?

The Sexy and Talented Singer Hyuna

Kim Hyun-ah famously referred to as Hyuna, could be a singer, dancer, model, and songwriter. She wont to be a member of the girl group Wonder Girls, but she decided to go away, and in 2007, she joined the girl group 4Minute. After 4Minute disbanded, Hyuna continued her career solo.

Hyuna’s fans have always been amazed by Hyuna’s appearance, obviously. Specifically, her amazing body that’s the goal for girls. But, how did Hyuna get that perfect body? Did she exercise and follow an intense diet?

Through this text, Xenews will introduce you to Hyuna and can answer your question, so here’s the sexy Hyuna and her diet tips about how she lost weight!

Hyuna’s Height and Weight

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From a source, we learned that Hyuna’s current height is 164 cm and current weight is 43.1 kg. Such a proportional body, right? It’s no wonder she always looks really amazing.

If you guys already follow Hyuna on Instagram, you need to have known this. On her Instagram account, @hyunah_aa, Hyuna shared her current weight in October 2018. She posted an image where she was on a weight scale with the main focus being on her feet and also the scale which displayed 43.1 kg.

Pic 2 - Discover HyunA's dietBut, a number of her fans were worried about Hyuna’s current weight. They said that she must be sure of her health and always be happy. Responding to it, she said that she wasn’t losing weight. Instead, she was gaining weight, and she or he also said that she was always eating well and exercising.

Hyuna Before She Lost Weight

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Before we see how Hyuna lost weight, we’re gonna speak about her previous appearance before the loss. She wont to have chubby cheeks and a portly body.

Pic 4 - Discover HyunA's dietShe was motivated by Shin Jung-hwan to melt off because most of the people said that Hyuna looked almost like Shin Jung-hwan. After that, Hyuna focused on losing weight. She is such an ambitious person, right?

How Hyuna Lost Weight

Well, people may well be really curious on how Hyuna rapidly lost weight! For K-pop celebrities, losing weight and dieting is such a crucial thing. they need to seem good for each occasion and make sure of their health, rather like what Hyuna did.

From a source, we found that Hyuna had already lost 17 kg since she was in grade school. an easy tip from Hyuna is to decide on stairs rather than elevators at any chance. This may be trivial, but if you probably did it constantly, you’ll see a difference!

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What about Hyuna’s diet tips? Hyuna avoided any food made of flour. She cut out all of it. As an idol living in Korea, this is often easy to try and do because flour-based foods in Korea aren’t really numerous so it’s easy to avoid them.

Other than that, Hyuna also had one method of eating. She always ate small portions rather than big portions. And, the foremost important thing about how Hyuna lost weight is she likes to dance. Dancing can replace workouts and exercise sessions and might facilitate your change state. Hyuna was also motivated by Shin Jung-hwan. Well, motivation is additionally a crucial thing for dieting and exercising constantly!

Additionally, Hyuna also has perfect legs. She got them from exercising, of course. And, she also maintained her body shape by playing badminton.

Hyuna once revealed how she maintains her weight. When she was guest-starring on SBS Power FM’s Cultwo Show, she said that if she ate ramyun (Korean noodles), she would determine on a daily basis to keep up her weight. And, if she ate grilled tripe, she would see for five days to require care of her body shape.

Well, prepare yourself to diet and exercise, and you’ll get an ideal body similar to Hyuna!

Here is HyunA‘s diet. Don’t forget to catch up with the South Korean celebrity’s news with us every day!