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HyunA & Dawn have happy moments on “The Return of Superman”

HyunA & Dawn experience what it’s preferred to be parents for daily on ‘The Return of Superman’. Check out the details right now!

On the September 9 broadcast of KBS2’s ‘The Return of Superman’, HyunA and Dawn visited the house of Sayuri and Zen!

HyunA & Dawn

In this day and age, HyunA revealed, “I never really thought of approaching ‘The Return of Superman’ before, but Dawn is really a large fan of Zen, so he wanted to fulfill Zen. I on the opposite hand am a giant fans of Sayuri unnie.”

HyunA then showed her caring side by gifting Sayuri with personal items like face lotion, a hair brush, a luxury bag, etc.

Regarding her first impression of Zen, HyunA commented, “He is way bigger than I assumed he would be. And that I didn’t know that he could walk so well. He can even run.” However, Dawn said, “He gave the look of an angel. He was the embodiment of purity and good. He was so pretty.”

Soon afterward, Sayuri left Zen in HyunA and Dawn took care of the day and launched. Particularly, Dawn declared as he got able to spend the day with Zen, “I will attempt to lead Zen.”

The idol couple then hung out dancing with Zen, snacking on corn, and also prepared a customized shirt for Zen with colorful drawings in fabric marker. Afterward, Zen indicated that he wanted to travel for a walk, and therefore the trio headed to the playground.

On the playground, Dawn took Zen for a ride down the slide, delighting the infant. The baby was so delighted by the slide, in fact, that he wanted to travel thereon again and again. Dawn eventually rode the slide with Zen until he was exhausted, and also the trio finally visited a district mart to grab frozen dessert.

Finally, after returning home, HyunA and Dawn successfully put Zen to sleep, the couple also lying down for a nap after an extended day.

After their date with Zen daily, HyunA revealed, “I saw some unexpected sides to Dawn. He was inexperienced, of course, but he tried his best to play with Zen.” She also added, “Zen was so pretty. after we were walking back hand in hand, the three folks, eating frozen dessert together, I quite felt like I could not enkindle anything more within the world.”

HyunA & Dawn

Check out a recap of this week’s ‘The Return of Superman’ with HyunA, Dawn, and Zen, above and below!

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