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Hyun Bin Arrives to Jordan To Begin Shooting ‘Negotiations’

South Korean heartthrob actor Hyun Bin along with other actors and crew of the thriller Negotiations flew to Jordan on July 13 amid COVID-19 pandemic to begin filming for the film.

Hyun Bin flies to Jordan
Hyun Bin flies to Jordan

Jordan’s dramatic deserts and historical cityscapes, which have graced the likes of Star Wars’ Rogue One and The Rise of Skywalker, will now play host to South Korean production, The Negotiations, for the next few months. The film features top-billed stars Hyun Bin (most recently, of Crash Landing on You fame) and Hwang Jung-min (Battleship Island, Ode to My Father, Veteran), and will be directed by Yim Soon-rye, a leading female auteur of Korean New Wave cinema.

Hyun Bin flies to Jordan
Hyun Bin flies to Jordan

While border closures and travel restrictions still remain in Jordan, special arrangements were made for the South Korean film crew to enter the country and begin production work on The Negotiations. The crew first flew on a commercial flight from South Korea to Qatar, before boarding a chartered plane from Qatar to Jordan.

According to a press release from the RFC, the crew arrived at Queen Alia International Airport, located 20 miles south of the capital city of Amman, on July 5. A video published by the RFC shows the crew arriving at the airport and undergoing Covid-19 precautionary measures.

The exact date of their return is unknown, but the Jordanian government has reportedly allowed two months for the shooting. Negotiations is the first Korean film to start overseas shooting following the virus outbreak that has deterred international travel. Crew members had initially planned to film in Jordan in March, but had to put off the plan when Jordan banned entry to people coming from South Korea due to a spike in confirmed virus cases.

The film revolves around a National Intelligence Service agent (Hyun Bin) and a diplomat (Hwang) trying to arrange the release of Koreans kidnapped in the Middle East. Yim Soon-rye ― who was behind the success of popular movies including “Little Forest” (2018) ― directs the star-studded production.

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Hyun Bin flies to Jordan

Hyun Bin, who starred the recent hit Korean drama Crash Landin on You, debuted in 2003 in the drama Bodyguard and catapulted to fame with My Name is Kim Sam-soon in 2005. He recently appeared in another hit drama “Crash Landing on You” with actress Son Ye-jin.

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