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Hwang Jung Eum Will Be Getting A Divorce

Hwang Jung Eum Will Be Getting A Divorce. She Has Filed For Divorce From Her Husband Of 4 Years

According to one source, Hwang Jung Eum filed for divorce by mediation to the Seongnam branch of the Suwon District Court on September 3.

This information surprised the public. It is known Hwang Jung EumIt is known that Hwang Jung Eum filed for divorce her husband on September 3, pro-golfer Lee Young Don, after 4 years of marriage. C-JeS Entertainment commented, It’s true Hwang Jung Eum submitted an application for divorce mediation. We’ll make sure that the 2 parties can negotiate their divorce smoothly. We ask for your understanding that details, such as the reason for the divorce, cannot be disclosed due to privacy.

Hwang Jung Eum married Lee Young Don, a former professional golfer and businessman, in 2016, and she gave birth to her son in August 2017. During the time together, Hwang Jung Eum always showed a happy family life with her husband and children. Therefore, the public was surprised when the actress and her husband officially broke up.

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Hwang made her debut with Sugar in 2001 and left the group in 2004 to become an actress. She’s known for her works in High Kick Through The Roof, Giant, Can You Hear My Heart, Kill Me Heal Me, Secret, Endless Love and more. In 2015 she caused a fever with She was pretty – Works are copyrighted for reconstruction in China, Vietnam and many Asian countries. Before getting married, she spent nine years with SG Wannabe singer Kim Yong Joon.

In the present, Hwang Jung Eum is starring in the KBS drama To All the Guys Who Loved Me. Hope she will overcome this upheaval and be more successful in the future.

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