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Today, Xenews will show How To Be Thirty Review! Are you excited and expected to this interesting drama? Get ready!

Squeezing sensible yet quick love and life stories in but 20 minutes, How to be Thirty may well be the realistic romantic treat you need!

From sweet to sane romantic narrative, the series is filled with pragmatic lessons specifically catering to single people.

  • Main Cast: Jung In Sun | Kang Min Hyuk | Ahn Hee Yeon | Song Jae Rim | Cha Min Ji | Baek Sung Chul
  • Streaming Sites: iQIYI
  • Romance/Addictive Meter: 4/5
  • Overall Rating: 4/5
  • Rewatch Value: 3.5/5
  • K-Dramas of Similar Vibe: I Need Romance | Reply 1997 | She Was Pretty

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Featuring the story of a webtoon writer Seo Ji-won who reunites along with her ex Lee Seung-yoo, their picture-perfect romantic story didn’t continue. While their mutual romance is true, the beginning of their relationship was in-built a lie.

How To Be Thirty Peak Points

Realistic Romance Stories

Incorporating genuine career, love, and life stories of the featured characters within the story, How To Be Thirty may be a quick drama anthem that single people can relate to. quite that, its target bringing the concept of affection perspectives growth supported experiences.

Seo Ji Won, because the focal character, presents an image of a lady of fortitude. She could be a reminder that regardless of how guarded we are able to plan failed past relationships, it doesn’t make us proof against longing the identical ordeal.

Her relationship with Lee Seung-yoo traced her developed mindset in qualifying the love she needs versus the love she deserves. Displaying the change of how she handled the love heartbreaks in her 20’s and 30’s could be a ruminative takeaway within the series. The smart picture of letting her meet a love rival who resembled her all-out loving 20’s self was a fresh and reality-biting scene.

Ran-ju’s love tale equalizes the disappointing main romance story with how it gifted an unassuming-let’s-love-because-we-feel-it story. Likewise, Ah-young’s tenacity to maneuver past through the knots of her failed romance inspires women of how love is taken in many forms even without a person involved.

Friendship Stories

How To Be Thirty relays the importance of getting lifetime friends. Even little number suffices what matters is they’re a functioning network. a bit like how Ji-won, Ran-ju, and Ah-young are to every other.

At the identical time, meeting unexpected new connections might come just after we need it. Like how Ji-won finds a comforting friendship with Do-hoon. Someone she never thought would click well together with her as a fan.

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How To Be Thirty Series Musings *Spoiler Alert

Honestly, the last two kakao TV dramas I saw failed to make me happy. Thus, the reviews aren’t in yet. *chuckles Thankfully, the way to Be Thirty failed to bring me down despite not achieving a happy-ever-after between the most love pairing.

Its message that stunning romance in-built half-hearted intention causes you to ponder on the sort of romantic relationship you would like as you age along. Albeit Seung-yoo’s explanation of his viewpoint, the whirlwind romance he felt whether or not 100% true doesn’t justify that he failed to end the link first before embarking on a brand new one.

But that doesn’t make his mercurial young girlfriend’s actions valid. Her stubbornness to carry on to a relationship that she’s only left crazy with might ring a bell to anyone who experienced the identical love loop once they were young.

Easy to look at but with make-sense love arguments, the series also featured stunning lines. particularly, I favor the road Do-hoon said about the difference between the ’20s and ’30s when it involves love. That ’30s can still work after a breakup. Somehow, it sums up the message of the series which tackles career or love problems for single people in their ’30s.

If you prefer quick romance stories that won’t take much of it slow, a way to Be Thirty could be a perfect fit. Global fans can watch it on iQIYI.

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