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Today, we will have Ho Goo’s love Kdrama review! Are you excited about our review? Let’s watch this wonderful drama!

Ho Goo’s love is that the story of a young man whose name says it all…it literally means fool. Kang Ho Goo (Choi Woo Shik) may be a naïve, sweet, and warm-hearted young man. He runs into his old friend Do Do Hee (Uee) one evening, and their complicated romance is ready in motion.

The main characters in “Ho Goo’s love”

Ho Goo’s love is an absolutely adorable and heartwarming drama. Choi Woo Shik really nailed Ho Goo’s character. All of his mannerisms really show how innocent and naïve Ho Goo is.

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Ho Goo constantly misunderstands things around him, especially the night he meets Do Hee. For him, his evening together with her is sort of a dream come true, but she goes through lots of heartaches. he’s ready to console her, but he never fully grasps the gravity of her situation…she is single and pregnant. To complicate matters further, she is additionally a national swimmer, so this might ruin her career.

Pic 2 - Ho Goo’s love Kdrama reviewHo Goo is shocked when he meets up together with her again nine months later and discovers the pregnancy. Initially, he’s angry but faithful to his character, he’s the one who is there for her during her labor. After the birth, he just wants to be there for her, but Do Hee pushes him away.

Then he overhears a conversation with the person he suspects to be the baby’s father, Byeon Kang Cheol (Im Seol Ong), who could be a lawyer, and becomes furious at his disregard for Do Hee and also the baby. He finally ends up right back within the middle of things as he sets resolutely make things right for Do Hee.

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Aside from this drama’s endearing quality, it’s truly hilarious. this is often the purpose where we get introduced to an enormous misunderstanding on both Ho Goo and Kang Cheol’s part.

We get some back story on Kang Cheol after he goes on a blind date with Ho Goo’s twin sister, Kang Ho Gyeong (Lee Soo Kyung). He seems bored with pursuing a relationship with Ho Gyeong, and he has quite a reason. He apparently has feelings for Ho Goo!

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We learn that back in high school, Kang Cheol spent a crazy day with who he thought was Ho Goo, but it seems that he actually spent the day with Ho Gyeong who was wearing her brother’s clothes and tag, and he or she also had most of her face covered. She acted lots sort of a boy too, so Kang Cheol just naturally assumed it absolutely was Ho Goo.

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After being rescued from some bullies and drinking together, Ho Gyeong plants a surprise kiss on Kang Cheol. he’s shocked then dismayed to find that he has feelings for her…only he thinks it’s Ho Goo! This sets in motion a difficult life for Kang Cheol. he’s always confused by his feelings because he has never felt that way for anyone else, man or woman. He winds up stuck during a style of holding pattern.

That is until the present day Ho Goo misinterprets a conversation between Kang Cheol and Do Hee and fully believes Kang Cheol is that the baby’s father. They find themselves having numerous hilarious encounters where each of them is talking about one thing and misinterpreting what the opposite is saying. Ho Goo just wants Kang Cheol to require responsibility while Kang Cheol is trying to sort through his feelings. This made for a few of the simplest moments within the show.

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Kang Cheol continues to sort through his feelings with the assistance of Ho Gyeong, who is deeply infatuated with him, yet he remains completely oblivious to the very fact that it had been really her who stimulated his feelings numerous years ago.

Pic 8 - Ho Goo’s love Kdrama reviewOf course, we get to work out the romance blossom between Ho Goo and Do Hee. it’s sweet, and Ho Goo is so nurturing towards Do Hee and therefore the baby. Eventually, Do Hee finishes up staying with Kang Cheol as she continues to cover her situation from the national media. This sets up quite a fun love triangle of sorts as Ho Goo could be a frequent visitor.

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Watching our little family develop and our characters grow was such a joy. Yes, misunderstandings teem in this drama, and relationships are crazy complicated, but this drama did things right and kept it interesting. it absolutely was all such a lot fun with just the correct amount of feels.

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This drama was a blast, and you must definitely check it out!

My Rating: 10/10

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