Check out the list of historical Korean drama in 2021 right now!

List 10 historical K-Dramas of 2021. Have you seen all these dramas? Let’s check with us right now below!

Are you a follower of historical drama? Last year only 4 historical K-Dramas were released: “Kingdom 2”, “King Maker: The Change of Destiny”, “Mr. Queen”, and “Royal Secret Agent”.

In 2021, there’ll be lots of historical dramas. some are already confirmed and lots of actors also are in talks for a historical drama. Let’s have a glance at them.

We will update this list throughout the year so stay tuned! (Article first published back in March 2021).

Note: This is not a ranking.

1. “Lovers of the Red Sky”

When: From August 30

Cast: Ahn HyoSeop, Kim YooJung, Gong Myung, Kwak SiYang

Summary: It tells the mysterious and delightful story of the sole female painter of the Joseon Dynasty who solves terrible fate after entering the palace.

Why watch: It appears like a must-see historical fantasy romance. SBS has solid historical dramas and therefore the story was written by Jung EunKweol who previously wrote the famous novels (adapted into drama) “SungKyunKwan Scandal” and “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” (“Hong ChunGi” is predicated on her book).

2. “River Where The Moon Rises”

When: From Feb. 15 on KBS and Viu

Cast: Kim SoHyun, Na InWoo, Lee JiHoon, Choi YuHwa

Summary: It tells the romance of PyeongGang who uses OnDal’s feelings to become an empress and of OnDal who made foolish sacrifices.

Why watch: you’ll expect perfect acting and amazing chemistry between the leads. viewing the teasers and also the still cuts, the drama promises lots of action and exquisite scenes and after all a romantic plot (with presumably some tears)!

3. “Joseon Exorcist” – canceled

Update Mar. 26: SBS canceled the printed due to the controversy over history distortion (after the airing of its first two episodes).

When: From Mar. 22 on SBS

Cast: Jang DongYoon, Park SungHoon, Kam WooSung

Summary: The Korean-style exorcism fantasy of the folks that fight to guard the people against the evil spirits that use human desires to devour Joseon.

Why watch: This drama will make our adrenaline goes up. staring at the teaser, the assembly team has spent plenty of effort to form this historical action fantasy a must-watch. Note that if you’re petrified of zombies, you may pass this one.

4. “The Red Sleeve”

When: November 12 on MBC

Cast: 2PM’s Jun Ho, Lee Se Young

Summary: A record of a mournful court romance between a court lady who wanted to shield the life she had chosen and a king who put the country prior to love.

Why watch: It looks as if the must-watch romance between a court lady and a king who is torn between his heart and power. The cast consists of skilled actors too.

5. “Bossam: Steal the Fate”

When: From First of May on MBN

Cast: Jung IlWoo, Kwon YuRi

Summary: the person who lives kidnapping a widow for remarriage (named Bosssam in Joseon) life is turned the wrong way up when he kidnapped a princess by mistake.

Why watch: Jung IlWoo is an expert in historical dramas and there’s little question that now too his acting is perfect. Moreover, the topic of Bossam and therefore the widow’s lives in Joseon seems quite interesting.

6. “The King’s Affection”

When: From October 11

Cast: Park EunBin, SF9’s RoWoon, Nam YoonSu

Summary: it’s the key court romance drama of a girl who was abandoned because she was born as a woman. When her twin brother died, she was asked to pretend to be him: the prince.

Why watch: From the cast full of the young and popular cast to the intriguing story, “The King’s Affection” should have an area on everyone’s watchlist. From the primary release, the drama seems romantic and exquisite.

7. “Secret Royal Inspector Joy”

When: November 8 on tvN

Cast: 2PM’s Ok Taec Yeon, Kim Hye Yoon

Summary: It tells the investigation adventures of a sloppy Secret Royal Agent (working on the Q.T. to seek out the corruption of officials) and of a fanatical lady who are working together.

Why watch: It looks like a comical and feel-good drama to observe this winter. we won’t wait to work out Taec Yeon and Kim HyeYoon duo during this hilarious drama.

8. “When Flowers Bloom I Think of The Moon”

When: Last half of 2021 on KBS

Cast: Yoo SeungHo, HyeRi, Byeon WooSeok, Kang MiNa

Summary: It tells the story of three folks that can ruin one another’s lives because they carry on bumping into each other ahead of the key liquor warehouse during the prohibition law in Joseon: an inspector who came to Seoul to attain fame and prestige to revive his family’s name, a poor noblewoman who began to brew alcohol to pay back her debt and therefore the prince who keeps on going over the wall to own a drink.

Why watch: -To be updated with the discharge of the primary teaser-

9. “Kingdom: Ashin of the North”

When: From July 23 on Netflix

Cast: Jun JiHyun, Park ByungEun

Summary: “Kingdom: Ashin of the North” may be a sequel from Kingdom season two and a backstory about the mysterious character Lee Chang’s group encountered on their journey north to find the origins of the infected. (Official Netflix)

Why watch: Season one and two of “Kingdom” have received love all across the world. The expectations for the new sequel can only be higher because the top Hallyu actress Jun Ji Hyun is starring in her first drama since “Legend of the Blue Sea” (2016) (note that she is additionally acting within the drama “Cliffhanger” in 2021). Fans are eagerly waiting.

10. “Dream Journal” – in talks

When: Last half of 2021 on tvN

Cast: in talks: Park HyungSik

Summary: It tells the story of a mysterious genius woman whose family was accused of murderer overnight and of a prince who is under a mysterious curse. When the 2 of them first met at the foremost desperate moments of their lives, they recognized one another as their only savior, and their relationship transformed into romance.

Why watch: -To be updated with the discharge of the primary teaser-

Bonus. “Red Heart” (2022)

When: half of 2022

Cast: in talks: Lee Joon, Jang Hyuk, Kang HanNa

Summary: it’s a fictional historical drama that begins when Lee Tae ascended to the throne as king of Joseon and dreams of becoming an absolute monarch. He will enter in an exceedingly duel with Park KyeRon and his followers.

Why watch?: -To be updated with the discharge of the primary teaser-

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