Here’s how much it costs to dress like BTS in “Friends: The Reunion”

Here’s how much it costs to dress like BTS in Friends: The Reunion…

BTS made a cameo appearance on “Friends: The Reunion”, also known as The One Where They Get Back Together, a 2021 reunion special of the beloved American sitcom series Friends. The seven members appeared together in a short interview, talking about why they love the show.

They were dressed for the celebratory occasion, looking extra handsome and expensive. Just how expensive are their outfits? Here’s how much it costs to dress like BTS in Friends: The Reunion…

1. RM

Since the members were sitting, the most recognizable items include tops, such as shirts and jackets. RM wore a Prada single-breasted jacket over top a plain white T-shirt. The jacket alone costs $5,500 USD!

Friends: The Reunion

2. Jin

Jin wore a striped Valentino Redbroidery crewneck sweater. It costs $1,395 USD.

3. Suga

Suga layered a unique Dior combination of a short-sleeve patterned sweater over top an oblique button-up. They cost $1,170 USD and $1,650 USD, respectively.

Friends: The Reunion

4. J-Hope

J-Hope added some color with a bright multicolored Dior x Shawn sweater for $1,050 USD. He paired it with straight black trousers from Valentino, which costs $924 USD.

5. Jimin

Jimin paired a metallic-check button-up with a denim jacket both from Saint Laurent. Their individual costs are $850 USD and $1,650, respectively.

Friends: The Reunion

6. V

V wore two unique and stylish pieces from Dior. The asymmetric necklace jacket costs $2,400 USD, while the swirl print shirt is $1,950 USD.

7. Jungkook

Over a black shirt, Jungkook wore a leather jacket from Prada. Though very similar to RM’s, it’s slightly less in price, with it being $4,230 USD.

Friends: The Reunion

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