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Heechul expressed his frustration after a reporter criticizes his comments about the late Sulli and the late Hara

Super Junior’s Heechul expressed his frustration against malicious commenters while opening up about the loss of his two good friends – the late Sulli and the late Hara.



During April 20 broadcast of JTBC’s ‘7.7 Million Love’, Heechul expressed his frustration against malicious commenters by claiming that they are not reflecting on their rash actions, but “now they’re fighting among one another on opposite genders.”

After this broadcast, a media reporter and columnist Wi Geun Woo posted a lengthy comment via his SNS, stating, “The late Sulli was victimized by both male and female malicious commenters; it seems to me that to replace the faults of these malicious commenters with issues of gender conflicts and to call out both sides in the ongoing conflict as ‘wrong’ is a mistake.” The reporter further argued that general conflicts between ‘men’ and ‘women’ are not the equivalent of the currently relevant societal topics of “gender issues”. Finally, he ended by claiming, “Kim Heechul’s words should not be interpreted as the late Sulli’s own thoughts, and the more his words are seen as such, the more criticism he should receive.”

Heechul expressed his frustration

Some time afterward, Heechul was seen leaving a furious response in person under reporter Wi Geun Woo’s post. The idol wrote, “Ahjusshi. Is it really that important whether or not the malicious commenters are ‘male or female’? Regardless of their gender, if they commit crimes then they’re just criminals. Plus, my song ‘Charm of Life’ is directed toward malicious people who spread rumors about me and wrote derogatory comments about me; where do you think it has anything to do with me calling out feminists? Much less, me and many of my acquaintances are still mourning and grieving over those two friends and the topic was only brought up very carefully.. so who are you to write anything like this, using the names of the deceased? I wanted to just ignore this because if all of this becomes a news topic then that would be what you want… but really, you’re doing all kinds of s*** to become famous.. Last thing, do not use the deceased as tools in your petty fights.”

Heechul expressed his frustration

Furthermore, Heechul did not stop after leaving his lengthy comment of rebuttal under reporter Wi’s SNS. The idol was seen leaving a post in person on a ‘DC Inside’ gallery, even sharing a selca to prove that he wasn’t an imposter.

In the gallery post, Heechul said, “It disgusted me seeing this guy calling himself a reporter fancily analyzing his thoughts and using the deceased as his tools. He has no idea why the deceased suffered so much during their lives, how much pain they endured.”

Heechul continued, “After bidding farewell to my two friends last year, I lost most of my interest in keeping my image up as a celebrity. I told my company that I wanted to rest and also received therapy here and there. But if I didn’t speak up, I thought my fans might pick fights with those trash reporters again… Whoever comes across malicious comments or false accusations involving me, please leave them here in this gallery or where ever you feel comfortable. I will personally hire a lawyer and take strict legal action.”

Heechul expressed his frustration

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