Have you seen these sexiest outfits of Krystal Jung?

TOP 10 sexiest outfits ever worn by Krystal Jung. Let’s see with us, maybe you will feel amazing!

f(x) is understood for his or her bright and girlish image, with songs that are upbeat and provoking. But sometimes members like Krystal appear on stage wearing some outfits that accentuate their toned bodies and highlight their sexy dance moves.

1. This fancy shirt that weighs but a feather

Ripped jeans and a flowy shirt that shows off Krystal’s amazing body made this outfit one of Krystal’s best looks!

2. This super hot and chic outfit

Krystal’s gorgeous figure was yet again shown off during this black and white outfit. Plus Krystal rocked the bombshell blonde look!

3. These skin-tight black pants, appear to be slightly see-through O_O

Is it our imagination or do those pants match her see-through sleeves?

Krystal looks even better when she’s on stage performing!

4. She totally rocks those uniform-style outfits as well!

She looked fantastic during this tartan dress and matching giant beret.

Meanwhile, she looked equally pretty much as good during this simple pink and white ensemble.

And whether or not the photo could be a bit blurry, you can’t deny that Krystal knows a way to rock a college uniform look.

5. This easy but totally sexy striped shirt and skirt

A simple white pleated skirt matched with a white and red shirt makes Krystal look red hot!

Clearly, even the gang she’s gathered is crazy along with her too.

6. This outfit consists of nothing but a jersey.

Krystal continues to show up the warmth during this long jersey look. Her fitted jersey paired with a straightforward pair of white sneakers are both sporty and incredibly sexy!

7. At that point she showed off her amazing abs with this outfit!

The feminine touches to the outfit paired with Krystal’s killer abs make a killer combination.

8. Then when she appeared therein see-through shirt.

Krystal’s killing fans again along with her sexy see-through top and faux-leather skirt!

9. And don’t chuck this straightforward, yet hot long-sleeve shirt.

While Krystal looks ridiculously amazing in additional sexy outfits, she also looks equally as hot during a simple long-sleeve tee!

10. And after all this point she wore the oversized sweater. <3

Krystal pulls no punches! This oversized sweater is nearly an excessive amount to handle!

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