Have you seen the first Senegalese K-Pop idol, Fatou?

MEET Fatou, the first Senegalese K-Pop idol to debut through upcoming re-brand group BLACK SWAN

As K-pop music isn’t only limited to Koreans anymore and is becoming mainstream because of the year’s locomote, several non-Korean K-pop idols also are dominating the music industry. Various idols coming from different Asian countries including Thai BLACKPINK member Lisa, TWICE Japanese-line Sana, Momo, and Mina, etc., are literally building their names and becoming Korean’s favorite despite differences in culture.

However, is K-pop and therefore the world, ready for an additional Black K-pop idol?

On an internet Korean community site, K-Netz and K-pop fans shared a range of opinions and views regarding the first-ever Senegalese idol who is on the point of a debut under DR Entertainment and also the second Black K-pop idol who will enter the music scene.

In the half of 2020, reports claim that the agency is progressing to launch a K-pop group, which could be a rebranded version of RaNia. BLACK SWAN may be a five-membered group consisting of Youngheun, Hyeme, Leia, Judy, and Fatou.

As soon because the announcement was made, Korean netizens expressed their sentiments about Fatou. particularly, there are several K-pop fans who expressed that the revamped group won’t determine, as long as racism still exists.

In addition to the present, Alex, who is that the first-ever black K-pop idol and former member of RaNia, left the group after it slow, and netizens discussed that racism and discrimination might be a number of factors why she withdrew from the band.

However, within the past weeks, Fatou is getting favorable feedback from K-netizens and is catching the interest of K-pop enthusiasts, an honest sign that they’ll have a decent start.

Fatou Samba, who is additionally referred to as Fatou (Patoo) could be a 95-liner soon-to-debut idol who was born in Yoff, Senegal. consistent with her profile, she lived in Belgium and big apple for ages, before flying to Korea.

During her pre-debut days, she’s a model for Cineline Entertainment, before she decided to become a trainee. She’s also a multilingual artist, who can speak five languages, including English, Korean, French, German, and Dutch.

In addition to the current, Fatou was revealed because the fourth member of a swan in July and is introduced to be the most rapper, main dancer, and vocalist of the group.

Meanwhile, when Fatou’s photos circulated online, the bulk of Korean netizens were amazed by her beauty and visuals.

Some of the comments are, “She’s so cute,” “She sounds like an American Pop Star,” etc. People also are expressing how they’re already inquisitive about her story, how she came to Korea, how she was scouted and eventually became a trainee, and what pushes her to become a Korean idol.

A fan even said, “She’s really stunning! I can’t wait to determine them on stage already!”

Moreover, Fatou is gaining praise for her rapping skills, as she recently showcased a snippet of her practices through her IG stories.

On the opposite hand, despite good comments about her skills and abilities, international fans are still worried that she might get bullied within the music industry in some ways. The stigma of being a non-Korean K-pop idol continues to be present; but nevertheless, supporters of the swan are affirming that they’ll give their all-out support for Fatou and to the opposite members.

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