Have you seen special DREAMCATCHER lightstick?

DREAMCATCHER releases beautiful official lightstick. Let’s check it out right now below!

InSomnia is lucky as DREAMCATCHER just released their official lightstick and it’s beautiful.

The group is thought of for its or its unique colors and concept and its lightstick is unique because of the group. The lightstick is in the colors of the fandom. Check it out below.

DREAMCATCHER Releases Beautiful Official Lightstick

The group’s lightstick even has an exciting feature. you’ll extend the lightstick with the special two extensions. it’s the longest K-Pop lightstick to this point. it’s sort of a wizard cane somehow.

Along with the lightstick, the official robe is released.

For fans who wish to shop for the lightstick, you’ll expect February. it’ll presumably be available within the official shop here.

DREAMCATCHER will come back on Jan. 26 with their 6th Mini Album “Dystopia: Road to Utopia”.

Do you like their lightstick?

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