Have you seen cute photos of SNSD predebut?

Pre-debut photos and fun facts about Girls‘ Generation. These photos maybe make you smile because of their cuteness!

Xenews has put together some past and present photos, in addition to some interesting facts, about each member of Girls’ Generation, a Korean girl group that debuted in 2007. The 2 photos from the left are the celebrities’ pre-debut photos, while the photos on the correct are those currently released by their agency. Let’s check SNSD predebut photos right now!


Taeyeon debuted as a solo artist in October 2015. She began dating Baekhyun, a member of EXO in 2014, but the couple ended their relationship in 2015.


Sunny‘s father, Lee Soo-young, is that the elder brother of Lee Soo-man, the founding father of SM Entertainment. within the program “Shin Dong-yup Shin Bong-sun Champagne,” which aired on KBS in 2009, Sunny said that she briefly spent it slowly in Kuwait during the Gulf War when she was a baby. Consequently, she still gets terrified of firecracker sounds.


Tiffany released her first solo mini-album “I Just Wanna Dance” in May. In 2008 she was diagnosed with vocal nodules, a growth of mass tissue on the vocal cords. During 2009 and 2010 she took breaks for medical treatments, which are successful. She started dating Nichkhun, a Thai member from Korean ensemble 2PM, in January 2014. The couple broke up in May 2015. Although Tiffany remains a member of Girls’ Generation, she left SM Entertainment in October 2017.


Hyoyeon began dancing from an early age. She enrolled in Winner’s school at the age of ten, where she met Min, who is now a member of Korean girl ensemble Miss A. Hyoyeon previously worked as a back-up dancer for singer BoA during an M.net KM Music Festival performance in 2005. She dated Korean writer Kim Jun Hyung for 2 years before the couple get a divorce in April 2014.


Yuri confirmed in April 2015 that she was dating Korean participant Oh Seung-hwan, but the couple ended their relationship in October of that year. Yuri has starred in an exceedingly few Korean dramas including “Fashion King” (2012) which aired on SBS and “Neighborhood Hero” (2016) which aired on OCN.


Sooyoung confirmed in January 2014 that she was dating Korean actor Jung Kyung-ho. She is currently starring in “38 Revenue Collection Unit,” which started airing in June on OCN. Sooyoung held a charity bazaar sale in February 2015 for those plagued by retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a disease that causes severe vision impairment. She said in an interview with local media outlets at the time that one of the explanations for organizing the event was because her father is an RP patient. In October 2017, Sooyoung left SM Entertainment although she remains a member of Girls’ Generation. She joined Echo Global Group and had her first solo single “Winter Breath” in 2018, before moving to Saram Entertainment in 2019.


“K-STAR News,” a broadcast that aired on SBS, reported in 2012 that Yoona was the highest-earning idol celebrity at the time. She filmed 20 commercials and earned 4 billion won in mere the primary half that year alone. Yoona began dating Korean singer-actor Lee Seung-gi in September 2013 but broke up with him in August 2015.


Seohyun graduated from Dongguk University, the identical school that Yoona graduated from. Seohyun donated 100 million won ($87,260) to assist students in financial need at the university. She left SM Entertainment in 2017, although she remains a member of Girls’ Generation.

Ex-member Jessica

Jessica left Girls‘ Generation in 2014. She now runs Blanc Group, a fashion company. She is starring in “I Love That Crazy Little Thing,” a Chinese movie that may be released in August. She is additionally filming another Chinese movie, entitled “My Other Home,” which is able to be released in December. Jessica confirmed in May 2016 that she is dating Tyler Kwon, the CEO of her current agency, Coridel Entertainment.

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