Have all GFriend members had plastic surgery?

GFriend plastic surgery before and after comparison. Let’s check with us!

GFriend may be a girl group formed in 2015 under Source Music. The five members are Yuju, Eunha, Yerin, Umji, Sowon, and SinB. From their debut hitherto, GFriend has managed to steal the eye of netizens in each of their songs. they need their own distinctive features and aura that differentiates them from other girl groups within the Korean music industry. GFriend always comes up with a cute, sweet, elegant, and adorable concept.

In fact, GFriend is now one of the foremost influential groups within the Korean music industry and their popularity is increasing. Additionally, to having talent within the areas of dancing and singing, GFriend members are recognized to be very beautiful and charming. Do netizens also ask if they need to have cosmetic surgery just like the members of other groups? Let’s see!

GFriend member Yerin cosmetic surgery

Yerin may be a GFriend member who has slightly chubby cheeks. Many rumors suggest that Yerin had cosmetic surgery on her cheeks and nose. One netizen said,

“I graduated from the varsity of arts with Yerin and she or he was originally really pretty. wont to be within the class next to hers so I ran into her such a lot and she or he used to be so gorgeous, I don’t know why her agency made the complete group get nose jobs “

People also say that Yerin had cosmetic surgery on his eyes to appear bigger than before. they are saying Yerin has an excessive amount of botox and an overdone face lift. Yerin’s cheeks became really puffy and her nose looks unnatural. this can be in step with one amongst her classmates previously. The source just about bumped into her all the time, that the classmate would really notice if there have been some changes.

Yerin Before cosmetic surgery

Yerin After cosmetic surgery

GFriend Yuju cosmetic surgery

Yuju may be a GFriend member who has strong vocals compared to the opposite GFriend members. There are rumors saying that Yuju had cosmetic surgery on her eyes, ie double eyelids.

She had double eyelid surgery, and while it’s weird that her surgery wasn’t a failure like her band member’s, the end result of her cosmetic surgery was successful. She has not been bashed for her looks because she looks better after getting that done.

Even some netizens don’t care if Yuju had cosmetic surgery or not because her singing talent is indeed commendable. Some netizens even have reactions like,

“She looks better after getting double eyelids done and don’t bash her for cosmetic surgery because she’s an honest singer”

“Her double eyelids are obviously done”

Yuju Before cosmetic surgery

Yuju After cosmetic surgery

GFriend Member Sowon cosmetic surgery

Sowon is that the oldest member and leader of GFriend. there’s no solid evidence that Sowon had cosmetic surgery on her face, because from her debut so far, her beauty is extremely natural, even when not using makeup.

With a fine-looking natural face and delightful shapely body, some netizens say that if Sowon doesn’t debut to be a member of GFriend, she may have a successful debut as a model. Sowon is legendary for having very long legs sort of a model.

Sowon Before cosmetic surgery

Sowon After cosmetic surgery

GFriend Eunha cosmetic surgery

Eunha may be a GFriend member who incorporates a stronger look than the opposite members because she incorporates a very cute face is additionally adorable. Many rumors say that Eunha performed surgery on her face, especially her eyes.

Netizens compared Eunha’s childhood photo when she was a touch actress to Eunha now. Eunha reaped criticism because it had been assessed that she had cosmetic surgery in excess until the face sounds like a doll.

Netter called Eunha way more beautiful when she was little. Even some judge oplas made failed, especially within the folds of the attention.

Her double eyelid surgery was an entire failure. Just have a look at her double eyelids, they appear very swollen and unnatural. She looked pretty before, there’s no must change it. it had been also reported that Eunha has “inside inline” and her deep-looking eye was thanks to “outside wrinkle lines”.

Eunha’s rhinoplasty even looks tragic. Her cute round baby nose becomes a pointy eagle nose. Eunha’s cosmetic surgery made her look different.

Eunha Before cosmetic surgery

Eunha After cosmetic surgery

GFriend Member SinB cosmetic surgery

SinB is one of all GFriend members who often dirumorkan do cosmetic surgery, especially the nose. Many say that SinB’s nose is strange compared to the opposite members, and netizens claimed that the operation on SinB’s nose was considered a failure.

However, recently there’s a site stating that SinB didn’t have cosmetic surgery on her nose and her nose shape remains identical from her debut up to now.

SinB Before cosmetic surgery

SinB After cosmetic surgery

GFriend Member Umji cosmetic surgery

Umji is that the youngest member of GFriend. Many say that Umji contains a face that’s less beautiful than the opposite GFriend member and told Umji to perform cosmetic surgery. Umji also encompasses a slightly fat body shape very clearly visible in her cheeks.

Umji has been criticized for her looks, despite being a really talented singer. She has received such a lot of feedback that netizens recently tested how she would take care of researching cosmetic surgery procedures to boost her looks.

Because of the criticism Umji received, she tried to lose up to 11 kg to prove that she is gorgeous just like the other GFriend members. And it seems, Umji looks very attractive after losing 11kg of weight. The difference in her looks also is said to be thanks to her makeup, her hair color, and coiffure.

Umji Before cosmetic surgery

Umji After cosmetic surgery

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