Has Jessi gotten plastic surgery?

“Unpretty Rapstar” contestant Jessi opens up about plastic surgery! That will make you feel interested in her!

Jessica Hyun-ju Ho, better called Jessi, was born on December 17th, 1988, in New York. Jessi may be a Korean-American rapper and songwriter. Although she was born within the US, she moved to the Republic of Korea when she was 15.

She is among the few Korean celebrities who have openly admitted to having done cosmetic surgery. revelation on the TV program MBC’s Radio Star back in December 2015, she admitted to the host that she had undergone a process to boost her eyes and nose’s shape.

She said that her agency had suggested she urge cosmetic surgery before her debut. She also admitted that at that time, her face wasn’t really photogenic. That’s why she agreed to travel under the knife. Though, she later regretted her decision and cried after seeing her new face.

Written down below may be a detailed explanation of Jessi’s cosmetic surgery. So, if you’re interested in it, please stick with it reading.

The truth about Jessi’s cosmetic surgery

Even though it’s a touch little bit of a taboo subject among most celebrities, Jessi isn’t afraid to admit she had cosmetic surgery. She unfolded about the procedures she had done when she was on the tv show Unnie’s Slamdunk on June 3rd, 2016.

Her courage in opening up about it’s commendable because such a big amount of artists don’t want to admit that they’ve had cosmetic surgery, for fear of comments from the general public. Although cosmetic surgery is really pretty common in Korea, many of us don’t want to admit it. During the conversation, the person on the show asked Jessi why she was making a weird noise from her nose when she was breathing fast, and also the performer admitted it had been because she has done surgery on her nose.

As hinted before, on the program MBC Radio Star, she also said that she had undergone cosmetic surgery on her eyelids. When she first saw the results of the operations, she thought that her nose seemed like Pinocchio’s, and her face appeared like a monster.

Even though she looked beautiful even before the surgery, per her, it’s not only an entertainer’s skill that has to be shown off but also their appearance.

Photos of Jessi before debut or plastic surgery-free

As of late, Korean singer-rapper Jessi’s photos before her cosmetic surgery have gained K-Netz’s attention. There are lots of photos from her first promotion as Jessica H.O. on online networks that lots of K-Netz are shocked by.

These pictures show her past appearance in Music Core back in 2006 and her interview session on the Arirang program After School Club. Besides her changed looks, what grabbed most of K-Netz’s attention was the various “vibe.” Jessi’s past looks radiated a pure and innocent vibe in her past photos, while her recent photos accentuate her magnetic and powerful vibe.

Fans were amazed to determine how Jessi startlingly had innocent beauty before getting cosmetic surgery. Indeed, even many Korean famous people, for instance, Yoo Jae Suk, said that Jessi looked much better before she went through any cosmetic surgery.

Some remarks said, “Her past agency is insane,” “She was and is pretty,” “Regardless, I like Jessi,” and lots more. Jessi has been accepting lots of affection from fans because of her performance abilities similar to her striking and genuine character both on and off the stage.

Photos of Jessi after debut or with cosmetic surgery

On September 8th, 2016, Jessi showed up as a guest on KBS2’s Happy Together and admitted to having skillful a process for her eyes, nose, and breast. She also wore a revealing outfit and bluntly told the host that it had been entirely normal to indicate off her trend after having undergone plastic surgery.

However, as of late, Jessi showed au fait Radio Star, where she straightforwardly examined her previous cosmetic surgery and the way she does not believe that it had been necessary. During their discussions, she started discussing cosmetic surgery rumors when Jessi admitted, “I’m now against plastic surgery.”

She also admitted to plenty of surgeries and coverings she had done, from a touch lip filler to rhinoplasty. In any case, she had gotten hate within the wake of completing fillers to her face and understood that it didn’t look natural on-screen. She then chose to get rid of all little bit of her fillers.

Jessi clarified that she’s content with what she sounds like without the fillers now. She said she won’t be having additional medical procedures as she now understands that she can’t be perfect.

Jessi is now busy advocating the movement of loving oneself regardless of how one looks. If they need medical procedures done before, she’s calling for everyone to not depend upon cosmetic surgery and embrace their uniqueness instead.

So, that’s the reality about Jessi’s plastic surgery journey, from the explanation of why she did what she did to how she’s against any kind of cosmetic surgery. We hope you’ve gained more important information about Jessi after reading our article. There are lots more news and updates you’ll be able to dig on Xenews. So, stay tuned.

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