In a recent interview and pictorial for GQ Korea magazine, VICTON’s Han Seung Woo shares about his upcoming solo debut!

Han Seung Wook The idol is currently gearing up to drop his first solo album next month, and according to Han Seung Woo, it’s currently the only thing on his mind. Confessing that he’s been preoccupied with worrying about the upcoming release, he shared, “All day long, the only thing I do is think about my new album that’s coming out soon.” He also described the painstaking process of working on the album, recalling, “I rerecorded it countless times until I was finally satisfied.” As the upcoming release will mark the first step of his journey as a solo artist, the idol revealed that he poured his heart and soul into writing his own music for the album. “I created a song that [captures] the emotions I’ve been feeling,” he said, “for people with similar thoughts and feelings to my own.” The VICTON member also shared that he hoped to show a different side of himself through his solo debut, explaining, “I tried to show all of the colors that I possibly can, to the extent where people might think, ‘Oh, so Han Seung Woo was able to pull off this kind of [style] as well.'” Han Seung WookHan Seung WookFinally, he promised that fans could look forward to seeing more of his sexy side. “I plan to properly show even more of a sexy vibe, which many people have been anticipating,” he teased. Han Seung Woo will be making his solo debut on August 10. Stay tuned for more updates about the latest korean celebrity news.