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Today, Xenews will show Growing Season Kdrama Review! Are you excited and expected to this interesting drama? Get ready with us!

Addressing issues in relationships, the season brings in entertainment combined with valuable lessons on talks of intimacy.

In experiencing new things, struggles will certainly arise as we cannot expect to be the simplest with our first try. season brings comfort to viewers through its relatable campus content. together with the entertainment and luxury, its narrative has also infused lessons about intimacy.

Main Cast: Park Soo Ah | Park Ji Won | Kim Chae Eun | Kim Kang Min | Choi Yoon Je | Kang Yoo Seok | Choi Jae Won
Streaming Site: YouTube, Vlive, WeTV
Thrill/Addictive Meter: 3.5/5
Overall Rating: 4/5
Rewatch Value: 3/5
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Growing Season Kdrama Quick Plot Recap

Taking the identical class together during the summer semester, Ban Ah In (Park Soo Ah) and Heo Ji Yoo (Park Ji Won) are grouped along with Kang Ha Young (Kim Chae Eun) for a report.

Ban Ah In maybe a bubbly junior who struggles in approaching her coworker crush. Heo Ji Yoo could be a returning student after taking a leave of absence for about two years. She is bold and easy in confronting the rumors about her for the last two years.

Distant from Ji Yoo as they are available from different friend groups, Kang Ha Young grows closer and begins to depend on her two groupmates as they start writing their report. She also sees positive results together with her plans on becoming an exchange student.

Together, these three grow on one another as they inure their report at school. Be it problems about health or relationships, these three assure to bring comfort and support for every other.

Growing Season Series Peak Points

Women Supporting one another

In the early episodes, a chilly distance between Ji Yoo and Ha Young is observed. However, as they’re grouped together for a report, and also see one another in a very clinic, the ice between these two starts to melt. Ji Yoo is open and free from judgment with relevancy reproductive health, which brings reassurance that she could be a friend who will be trusted.

As Ji Yoo and Ha Young are older than Ah In, they get up like her elder sisters who guide her together with her endeavors in relationships. In times of trouble, they’re there for every other, able to defend, comfort, and relax each other’s moods.

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Healthy Discussion of Relevant Topics

Heo Ji Yoo could be a character that’s often misunderstood by many for standing out and speaking up about taboo topics. Her openness to those topics radiates with the series’ goal of openly talking about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), safe sex, and consent. She breaks the stigma, and also brings comfort to Ha Young who is troubled together with her situation.

Ha Young’s longtime boyfriend isn’t supportive and hostile when she talks about her health situation. With those problems arising, she then confides to Ji Yoo who accepts her wholly, and willingly hears her struggles.

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Realistic Portrayal of contemporary Relationships

Ha Young, Ah In, and Ji Yoo are all characters that realistically portray intimate relationships nowadays. Not all relationships begin and sail the identical way. Ha Young’s longtime boyfriend finishes up ending along with her after learning about her disease. Her relationship together with her boyfriend exemplifies how relationships can collapse thanks to mistrust and unwillingness to speak about various topics.

On the opposite hand, Ah In represents those who are navigating for the primary time in establishing an intimate relationship. Things may haven’t gone well together with her coworker, but her character has made certain to learn a vital lesson along with her experience. Meanwhile, Ji Yoo breaks gender stereotypes by being assertive and opens the eyes of the viewers to the importance of safe practices on being intimate.

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Growing Season Series Musings

Every episode runs for about 20 minutes and will be watched for about four hours straight. The theme of this series could also be uncommon for Korean series because it encourages people to speak about reproductive health. Moreover, it also brings within the discussion of relationships and intimacy that’s attack campus.

What’s commendable during this series is its narrative. It’s assailed campus, but it made bound to insert valuable information about reproductive health. Although it should be set as a show that will entertain viewers, the series raises awareness and encourages discussions about topics that are uncommonly talked about within the open.

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Moreover, it empowers women through its diverse portrayal of female characters. The characters from this series are enjoyable as they’re unique from one another. Ji Yoo could be a character that stands out among the three. Her boldness and assertiveness are refreshing because it breaks the common reaction of a character that passively accepts injustice.

Fresh faces and skills from the series are able to highlight their acting skills. because the series includes various intimate scenes, the cast surely made an excellent performance in their kissing scenes. Playlist original dramas are truly a good platform for rising artists to shine. additionally thereto, substantial topics are dropped at the light with this sort of series.

Growing Season encourages growth as a person through imparting that in welcoming new experiences, we learn the way to try to do well in life. Be it in academics or relationships, taking the primary step shall surely bring us to the start of our journey towards our goals.

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