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Goo Se Ra Tears Up In Front Of Park Sung Hoon

Goo Se Ra tears up in front of Park Sung Hoon in Into The Ring. KBS has released first two episodes of their new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Into the Ring!

Here are some new stills of Nana and Park Sung Hoon!(Spoiler alert).

Goo Se Ra (as Nana) threw her hat into the ring for Mawon District’s by-election, and she was elected by a three vote difference. Although she knew nothing about politics and didn’t have any support since she wasn’t affiliated with a party, Goo Se Ra won with her sincerity after 9 percent of Mawon District decided to believe in her words.

 Goo Se Ra Tears Up In Front Of Park Sung Hoon 1

In the newly released stills, Goo Se Ra and Seo Gong Myung (played by Park Sung Hoon) share a tense encounter in which they have a serious conversation. Viewers are curious to learn more about the stark contrast in atmosphere from the previous episode, during which they shared more romantic moments.

Goo Se Ra crying

One still in particular shows Goo Se Ra crying, shocking viewers as she had stayed strong and resolute even when she was offered a bribe to step down from her candidacy and was swept up in suspicions of unjust employment.

 Goo Se Ra Tears Up In Front Of Park Sung Hoon 2

The production team of “Into the Ring” shared that Goo Se Ra will be hearing a shocking truth from Seo Gong Myung in the upcoming episode. They revealed, “This is a very important issue directly related to Goo Se Ra running to represent Mawon District. Through this scene, viewers will be able to confirm Goo Se Ra’s characteristic trait in the most straightforward way.” They added, “The two actors Nana and Park Sung Hoon went back and forth from being serious to lighthearted, instantly immersing themselves into their acting. Please anticipate and show lots of interest in the upcoming episode.”

Into the Ring” is an KBS’s office rom-com about a woman named Goo Se Ra (as Nana) who gets involved in people’s problems, files complaints, comes up with solutions, and finds love at her local district office. Park Sung Hoon co-stars as Seo Gong Myung, a civil servant who always plays by the rules.

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