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Gong Yoo picked his favorite role in his career

On November 19, Gong Yoo sat down for an interview with Jaejae on SBS’s show “MMTG.” And Gong Yoo picked his favorite role in his career! 

During the show, Gong Yoo talked about the past characters he had played. About the hit drama “Coffee Prince,” he said, “I think Han Kyul [his character] and Eun Kyung [Yoon Eun Hye‘s charcter] have had three kids by now. That’s just how I feel. I don’t think they’re still at the café. I think they’ve moved to the suburbs and are playing with their kids in a house with a yard.”

Gong Yoo then played a game to decide which of his characters was his favorite. He first picked between Choi Han Kyul in “Coffee Prince” and Gi Joon in “Finding Mr. Destiny.” He said, “Gi Joon is charming, but he can’t win against Choi Han Kyul.”

He then picked between Kang In Ho in “Silenced” and Seok Woo in “Train to Busan.” He said, “This one’s a bit hard. I’ll go with Kang In Ho. But this doesn’t mean I’m throwing Seok Woo away.” Picking between Kim Shin in “Goblin” and Jung Dae Hyun in “Kim Ji Young, Born 1982,” he said, “Kim Shin is too strong. I’ll go with him.”

In the finals, Gong Yoo had to pick between Choi Han Kyul and Kim Shin. He ended up picking his “Goblin” character and said, “I think that Kim Shin is the evolved and more mature form of Choi Han Kyul. Kim Shin is a character with a lot of pain. Among my characters, he’s the one with the most painful past.” Gong Yoo is currently gearing up for the premiere of his sci-fi film “Seobok,” co-starring Park Bo Gum.

Gong Yoo picked his favorite role in his career. Are you surprised with his choice? Don’t forget to catch up with the Korean celebrity news with us every day! 

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