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Girls’ Generation’s YoonA And Hwang Jung Min Talk About Working Together For Upcoming Drama “Hush”

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA And Hwang Jung Min shared their thoughts on co-starring in the upcoming JTBC drama “Hush”!

“Hush” is about the everyday struggles and ethical dilemmas of newspaper reporters. It will portray their problems as ones that all office workers deal with, rather than just reporters.

Hwang Jung Min takes the role of Han Joon Hyuk, a veteran reporter who’s lost his passion for the work because of the harsh reality of the industry. In contrast, YoonA plays the spirited and bold intern reporter Lee Ji Soo, and Han Joon Hyuk becomes her mentor while they work on the same team.

YoonA And Hwang Jung Min
YoonA And Hwang Jung Min

On November 23, the drama unveiled stills of Hwang Jung Min and YoonA in character.

First off, Hwang Jung Min poses as Han Joon Hyuk, a reporter with no passion. In one photo, he smiles brightly at a billiard hall, and in another photo, he blankly stares ahead of him with a lollipop in hand. Although he might seem lazy, his deep eyes tell many stories.

On the other hand, YoonA transforms into the hard-working Lee Ji Soo. Her eyes are lit up with youthful determination, and she will do whatever it takes to deliver stories to the public.

Viewers are also looking forward to Hwang Jung Min and YoonA’s synergy and teamwork.

YoonA And Hwang Jung Min

Hwang Jung Min talked about his co-star, saying, “YoonA is very clever, and she has sharp senses. She also has good diction and a communicative voice. It’s nice to see her making an effort to always improve as an actress. I think it will be great if I could give her more tips while working together.”

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YoonA also praised the actor, saying, “I’m happy and excited to be able to work with a respected senior actor like Hwang Jung Min. I was really looking forward to acting with him, and as soon as I met him, I realized he is exactly as I heard he would be. He treated me warmly ever since we first met, and we’re having a great time filming. He’s helping me a lot by discussing the emotions and movements with me.”

“Hush” premieres on December 11 at 11 p.m. KST following the conclusion of “More Than Friends.”

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