Do you know Girl’s Day members have rumors plastic surgery?

Did Girl’s Day members do plastic surgery? Here are before and after comparisons! Check it right now below!

Girl’s Day is that the first girl group of the agency ‘Dream Tree Entertainment’ who debuted in 2010 with ‘Tilt My Head’ and disbanded in 2019. The group has done many varieties of concepts from their youth to the recent ones, like dark rock, cute bubbly, cheerful playful, and seducing sexy. Many folks assume that a bit like their concepts, Girl’s Day also underwent significant changes in their facial expression. Thus, during this article Xenews will provide you with the list of plastic surgeries for Girl’s Day’s current members and former members. So, stay tuned!

Girl’s Day Yura cosmetic surgery before and after

Yura is understood for having a straightforward-going personality and a glamorous body. Besides performing with Girl’s Day, Yura also began to act in 2012 on a drama in Sohu TV. Her pretty face has charmed many folks but is it considered to be the natural one? Well, let’s check Yura’s past photos first.

Now, let’s see Yura’s present pictures.

After comparing the past and present pictures of Yura, it may be seen that Yura’s countenance is changed by cosmetic surgery. First, Yura’s old eyes want to be asymmetrical as they appear small and really narrow. As a result, the double eyelid surgery had to be performed so as to extend the horizontal length of Yura’s eyes. Second, Yura’s old nose wont to have wide nostrils and a non-existent bridge therefore the facelift procedure was required to create Yura’s nose proportionally slimmer and taller.

Girl’s Day Hyeri cosmetic surgery before and after

Hyeri is thought for being during a controversial big age gap relationship with Tony Ahn. At the identical time, she’s hitting skyrocketing popularity through her role as Sung Deoksun on Reply series third installment ‘Reply 1988’. Despite having people that become her fans after watching the drama, Hyeri also has many haters who often put down her looks by citing her past pictures, which we’ll also see below.

Now, let’s see Hyeri’s present pictures.

After comparing Hyeri’s past and present pictures, it will be subtly seen that Hyeri certainly did double eyelid surgery to form her eyes horizontally wider and larger. additionally, Hyeri also modified her nose with the usage of a silicone implant to create its shape look narrower and its tip more raised.

Girl’s Day Minah cosmetic surgery before and after

Minah is thought for being the most vocal of Girl’s Day. along with her cheerful personality, she actively participates within the variety on broadcast stations whenever Girl’s Day has their comeback promotion. Besides singing with Girl’s Day, Minah has ventured to the acting field and released a solo album. Regarding cosmetic surgery, Minah has said that she is interested to try to to double eyelid surgery. Well, from the way she stated her desire in getting the cosmetic procedure, does that mean that currently, Minah could be a natural beauty? Hmm, we better see Minah’s past pictures first.

Now, let’s examine Minah’s present photos.

After comparing Minah’s past and present pictures, it is often seen that rather like her fellow member Hyeri, Minah’s double eyelid surgery isn’t very apparent to the mere viewers. Solidly speaking, Minah’s eyes may look bigger because of the usage of circle lenses and eye makeup but the old ones failed to have the additional fold. Thus, it is concluded that Minah indeed had double eyelid surgery while the difference between her old and new eyes isn’t really noticeable as she still keeps her monolid eyes. additionally, Minah also got a face lifting by using silicone implants to create her nose bridge taller.

Girl’s Day Sojin cosmetic surgery before and after

Sojin is thought because the leader of Girl’s Day and she or he actively participates on the variability show on the published station. Besides singing with Girl’s Day, Sojin is known for being a beauty with brains as she majored in engineering. Well, we gotta agree that Sojin is indeed a beauty with brains, but has she really been a beauty since she was born? Let’s check Sojin’s past pictures.

Now, let’s see Sojin’s current pictures.

After comparing Sojin’s past and present photos, it are often seen that Sojin’s overall face expression have changed extremely because we hardly recognize the person in both past and present pictures. Sojin is suspected to own done double eyelid surgery to realize the broader eyes. the identical thing will be said for Sojin’s nose, as her old nose wont to be bulky and short whereas the new one is tall and slender. Moreover, Sojin also did tip reshaping to be the best V shape, leaving the U shaped tip which she wont to wear her nose.

Ex-Member Girl’s Day Jihae cosmetic surgery before and after

Jihae wont to be a Girl’s Day member until the Hug Me Once promo, on the other hand she left the group in late 2012. it’s difficult to prove whether Jihae did cosmetic surgery or not since there’s no predebut picture of hers that has surfaced on the web. However, worry not dear readers because Xenews found one picture of Jihae and her older sister within which Jihae is barefaced and doesn’t wear any makeup.

Now, let’s compare Jihae’s appearance when she was still a member of Girl’s Day.

After comparing the images of Jihae’s with the bare face and makeup, it is seen that the form of Jihae’s straight nose bridge looks very unnatural, hence a cosmetic surgery is suspected to possess been performed so as to attain a proportional look on Jihae’s face. As for Jihae’s eyes, various sorts of eye make-up are ready to make her eyes look different. So as of now, we will say that Jihae has natural eyes.

Ex-Member Girl’s Day Lee Ji-In cosmetic surgery before and after

Not only Jihae, but Ji-in also want to be a member of Girl’s Day, though it had been just for a really short time as she left just some months after debuting to pursue her individual interest. She is now a member of a band group named ‘Bebop’. a bit like Jihae, Ji-in also doesn’t have any pre-debut pictures, so it’s difficult to prove whether she did cosmetic surgery or not. the image below is Ji-in’s selfie.

Now, let’s see Ji-in’s current pictures as Bebop’s member.

After comparing the image of Ji-in’s pictures, it is often seen that she never did any cosmetic surgery procedures after leaving Girl’s Day. However, the status of being a natural beauty for Ji-in remains in question as we don’t have her pre-debut pictures to match her past and present facial expression.

Ex-Member Girl’s Day Hwang Ji Sun cosmetic surgery before and after

Just like Ji-in, Jisun is also accustomed be a Girl’s Day member and he or she left after the group debuted with ‘Tilt My Head’. Now, Jisun is thought because the leader of the girl group New F.O (New Fave Order). similar to Jihae and Ji-in, there’s no pre-debut picture of Jisun so it’s proven to be hard to inform whether Jisun may be a natural beauty or not. Well, don’t be so discouraged dear readers because Xenews has gathered Jisun’s pictures for you to match her appearance on some occasions.

After seeing Jisun’s pictures, we don’t spot any cosmetic surgery done after her departure from Girl’s Day. for a few of the viewers, Jisun may look different but it’s mostly caused by her thicker eye makeup in her time period with Girl’s Day, whereas Jisun’s current appearance looks more natural as she doesn’t wear heavy makeup.

Girl’s Day cosmetic surgery meter

After examining the cosmetic surgery which has been done by the present members of Girl’s Day, it will be concluded that they equally did two procedures which consisted of double eyelid surgeries and nose jobs. However, by watching the result, Sojin tops because the member who changed her face significantly, followed by Yura, Hyeri, and lastly, Minah. As for Girl’s Day’s former members Jihae, Ji-in, and Jihae, we are still trying to find their pre-debut pictures so as to prove whether or not they are beauties by birth or by the knife of the surgeon.

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