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(G)I-DLE members have fun moments in “Knowing Bros”

Fun preview: (G)I-DLE prepares to take over “Knowing Bros”. Check out the details about their appearance on this show!

Get ready for an entertaining “Knowing Bros” episode starring (G)-IDLE!

The five members of (G)I-DLE will appear as guests on an upcoming episode of the well-liked JTBC variety show, which offered a sneak look at the episode on October 22.

(G)I-DLE knowing bros

The members of (G)I-DLE sing a handful of their classics, including “MY BAG” and “TOMBOY,” and then take turns making funny introductions to the cast. Miyeon asks, “Pretty, right?” before mockingly calling herself a princess. Is your father a king, Seo Jang Hoon replies jokingly.

While several of the other members engage in a cuteness competition, Yuqi makes Jeon Soyeon laugh by showcasing how proficient she is at swearing. When she says, “Soyeon is somewhat of an idiot when it comes to ordinary life,” Shuhua also indulges in her vicious side.

The superstars then spar with younger band members Yuqi and Shuhua while sharing humorous true-life tales about their colleagues Miyeon and Minnie. When the cast inquires about Jeon Soyeon’s involvement in the conflict, she responds, “I receive royalties [from songwriting],” which causes everyone to start laughing.

The (G)I-DLE members also play games with the “Knowing Bros” actors later in the preview, demonstrate their acting prowess in their respective tongues, and dance to their most recent single, “Nxde.”

(G)I-DLE knowing bros

The “Knowing Bros” episode starring (G)I-DLE will run on October 29 at 8:50 PM KST. See the complete preview down below!

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