Get to know Tiffany Young’s tattoo collection

Let’s take a look at former Girls’ Generation member Tiffany Young’s tattoo collection on her body!

Have you ever heard that Tiffany Young contains a tattoo? Well, for your information, she is sort of a tattoo enthusiast! Not only is she an expert singer, actress, presenter, and model, but Tiffany Young also has the power to be a tattoo artist!

Through this text, Xenews will introduce you to the gorgeous Tiffany Young and also the meanings of tattoos!

Do you know that Tiffany Young has tattoos?

Tiffany Young's tattoo collection

What does one guy give some thought to tattoos? Tattoos are a style of art, and a few people love tattoos, so much! similar to Tiffany Young, the previous SNSD member, who loves tattoos and has some tattoos on her body including her hand. Not only does Tiffany Young, but her succor who is additionally in SNSD, Kim Tae-yeon, loves tattoos. But, now we’re visiting to speak about Tiffany Young and her meaningful tattoos!

After leaving SNSD, Tiffany Young focused on her solo career within us. Not only that, Tiffany Young worked as a tattoo artist in New York! It seems, working as a tattoo artist was her dream job for a protracted time. Unexpected, right? Tiffany Young also used Jonathan Valena, known also as JonBoy, a tattoo artist from the USA, as her tattoo test subject! Tiffany Young tattooed Jonathan Valena, and he posted it on his Instagram account.

Tiffany Young's tattoo collection

Tiffany Young shows off her tattooing abilities, she indeed has the artistic sense to be a tattoo artist! Her new occupation has caught the eye of, and a positive response from her fans.

Let’s see those tattoos and also the meaning of them!

If you haven’t seen Tiffany Young’s tattoo collection, here are a number of her tattoos and their meaning! Let’s get started!

1. Flower Tattoo

Tiffany Young's tattoo collection

Tiffany Young has one tattoo on her finger, it’s a flower, it’s like a rose. Tiffany Young has made it into Bang Bang Tattoos, and their Instagram account also posted an image where Tiffany Young was there with a tattoo maker. there’s no information about the particular meaning of this tattoo.

2. Korean Language Tattoo

Tiffany Young shared her new tattoo on her Instagram page in June 2017. The tattoo is on her foot, it’s a tattoo with a Korean phrase. The meaning of the tattoo is “Now always and forever,” a bit like her caption on the image above.

Some sources say that the tattoo describes Tiffany Young’s friendship with the opposite members of SNSD. How cute!

3. Japanese-Chinese Language Tattoo

Not only that, but Tiffany Young also shared her other new tattoo on her Instagram story. it’s on her hand, written within the Japanese language. She shared it with the caption “New ink“. The word on her tattoo means “shoujo” which implies “girl” within the Japanese language, and “xiao nu” which has the identical meaning as “girl” in Chinese.

It was also said by her former girl group, SNSD that includes the name shoujo jidai within the Japanese language. That word also came from SNSD’s first photo book in Tokyo, Japan. Really meaningful, right?

4. Dreamer Tattoo

Tiffany Young also has another tattoo on another finger. it absolutely was captioned as “dreamer“. The tattoo reportedly was made while SNSD was gearing up for his or her 10th-anniversary album.

Tiffany Young shared this picture of 1 of her tattoos on her Instagram account with the caption “note2self – keep dreaming Steph“. It also is a reminder for all folks, especially for her fans, that we are able to have any dream because we are all dreamers.

5. Toujours Belle Tattoo

This tattoo must be the foremost meaningful tattoo to explain Tiffany Young’s self! The tattoo above is within the French language, the script reads “toujours belle“, which implies “always beautiful” or “forever beautiful“. Well, that tattoo really describes Tiffany Young, right? She not only includes a beautiful face but also a beautiful heart and exquisite attitude!

Not only that, but Tiffany Young reportedly also contains a tattoo on her collar bone, but some sources say that it had been a short-lived tattoo. So, which one among Tiffany Young’s tattoos does one love the most?

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