G-Dragon’s marijuana scandal

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Do you want to know about G-Dragon’s marijuana scandal? Are you expected to do this? Let’s discover with us! 

Get to grasp G-Dragon

Who doesn’t know G-Dragon? He’s the leader of the 12-year-old boy band, BIGBANG. The group is managed by the large company YG Entertainment. They debuted in 2006 with 5 members, G-Dragon, T.O.P, Tae-yang, Dae-sung, and Seung-ri. G-Dragon himself also made a solo debut in 2009 with Heartbreaker. He’s known for his amazing skill in singing, rapping, dancing, and composing music. He has even been labeled because the best idol-composer within the industry.

The bigger someone’s name is, the more problems it causes. G-Dragon isn’t any exception. After being involved in plagiarism scandals, he got himself involved in a very marijuana scandal. It was the worst of his scandals ever. Let’s have a bit flashback of this scandal.

G-Dragon’s Marijuana Scandal

After the scandal his bandmate, Dae-sung, was involved in, G-Dragon got involved during a marijuana scandal back in 2011. After a celebration in Japan, he admitted that somebody gave him a cigarette (we all know he smokes). After taking some puffs, he noticed the cigarette was weird so he threw it away. That’s how the scandal started.

G-Dragon did a test to test if he was positive for marijuana. From the urine test, he got a negative result. However, there was a weak positive after he did a hair test. although the result was a weak positive, because he only had a bit little bit of cigarette, the news instantly spread and caused an enormous mess among fans and anti-fans. Many of his fans kept supporting him, many left the fandom, and therefore the same thing happened with the non-fans.

G-Dragon’s Statement

A year after the scandal, G-Dragon was invited to SBS Healing Camp, and also the hosts there have been asking about the scandal. Here is what G-Dragon said regarding the question:

“At the time, I took a urine drug test, also as a follicle drug test. after I received the results, I used to be shocked, and that I felt just like the results were unfair. I didn’t believe it initially, because I knew I didn’t have it off, but the results stated otherwise. I didn’t know where things had begun to get it wrong.

There was something I felt that might have contributed to the results, and it absolutely was weighing on my heart so I talked about it during the investigation. After our concert in Japan (May 2011), we had an after-party where lots of individuals were attending. I feel the actual fact that I received a cigarette from a stranger there became the source of the matter. That incident began to be closely investigated, and it just came out.

We hosted the party ourselves, and that we were in an exceedingly dedicated mood because the concert went very well. At that moment, I had plenty to drink, and my managers were doing their own thing, and that I was alone. I visited the restroom, and someone offered me a cigarette. I believed it might be rude to refuse, so I accepted it without giving it a reversal.”

One of the hosts, Lee Kyung-kyu, asked G-Dragon how he couldn’t differentiate the smell between ordinary cigarettes and marijuana and G-Dragon said that he was under the influence of alcohol and never smelled marijuana before so he couldn’t really tell. However, he then realized that the cigarette given to him was a really strong one so he threw it away. Once more the host asked if he was lying or not, he said he wasn’t and if he was lying, he wouldn’t be ready to face the general public.

Here is G-Dragon‘s marijuana scandal. Don’t forget to catch up with the South Korean celebrity’s news with us every day!