G-Dragon and Jennie are called as the ‘Chanel couple’

G-Dragon and Jennie

Netizens are dubbing G-Dragon and Jennie as the ‘Chanel couple’

It has been less than a day since Dispatch reported that G-Dragon and Jennie are dating. Since then, numerous online communities and various social media platforms, even media outlets, have been filled with news about the two K-Pop stars.

On February 24th, media outlet Dispatch reported Jennie and G-Dragon have been in a relationship for a year, citing that G-Dragon’s luxury apartment in Hannam was the perfect dating spot for the couple.

There have been various mixed reactions from the public as netizens shared their different opinions over the issue. However, many netizens recently have been dubbing the two celebrities as the ‘Chanel’ couple.

Jennie has been affectionately called the ‘Human Chanel’ by her fans and was chosen to become the brand ambassador for Chanel beauty. Since then, Jennie has shown off various Chanel looks to solidify her title.

Even long before Jennie was chosen the brand ambassador for Chanel, G-Dragon also had a fair amount of time of being called the ‘Human Chanel’ as well. He was, in fact, one of the first K-Pop celebrities to be associated with the brand. He was appointed as the brand ambassador back in 2017 and has been showing off his own personal style with the brand since then.

Hence, many netizens are calling Jennie and G-Dragon the ‘Chanel couple’ as the news of their dating hit the public. Netizens have commented, “Omg, this is so crazy”, “They are really the ‘Chanel Couple'”, and “The two ‘Human Chanel’s have met.”

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