Full profile of Wang Ji Won!

Cover - Full profile of Wang Ji Won!

Full profile of Wang Ji Won! I believe you guys will be surprised when knowing a lot about her! Get ready to discover with Xenews! 

Learn More About Wang Ji-won

Ji-won is a professional ballet dancer and actress from South Korea. She trained in ballet dancing at the Royal Ballet School in England and studied Dance at the Korea National University of Arts. Wang Ji-won was a member of the Korean National Ballet in 2009.

Wang Ji-won started her acting career in 2012 with the drama Family and has since appeared in various television dramas, such as The HeirsIn Need of Romance 3, and Fated to Love You. Wang Ji-won was born on November 12th, 1988, in South Korea. She is 168 tall, has a nice posture for a woman and a ballet dancer. Now, let’s strip everything about Wang Ji Won!

A-List of Wang Ji-won’s Dramas That You Have to Watch!

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Wang Ji-won’s popularity has particularly risen up with her role as Oh Se-ryeong in the drama In Need of Romance 3. She actually embodied this character very well and also managed to create a very good chemistry with her co-star, Namgung Min, especially when they had their kissing scene.

In the drama Fated to Love You, Wang Ji-won played the role of a ballet dancer, Nam Se-ra. Quite the coincidence with her other real-life job, right? If you are curious about Wang Ji-won’s acting, you can watch one or all of her dramas and movie. Here is the list!

Wang Ji-won’s Drama List

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  • Still 17 | Seoreunijiman Yeolilgobibmida (SBS/2018) as Kim Tae-rin
  • Hospital Ship | Byungwonsun (MBC/2017) as Choi Young-eun
  • Divorce Lawyer in Love | Yihonbyeonhosaneun Yeonaejoong (SBS/2015) as Jo Soo-a
  • Fated To Love You | Woonmyungcheoreom Neol Saranghae (MBC/2014) as Nam Se-ra
  • Some Kind of Goodbye | Eoddeun Annyeong (Dramacube/2014) as Seo Ha-na
  • In Need of Romance 3 | Romaenseuga Pilyohae 3 (tvN/2014) as Oh Se-ryeong
  • The Heirs | Sangsokjadeul (SBS/2013) as Yang Da-kyung (ep. 17, 19-20)
  • Good Doctor (KBS2/2013) as Kim Sun-joo
  • Family (KBS2/2012-2013) as an instructor

Wang Ji-won’s Movie

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  • One-Line (2017) as Hae-sun

Wang Ji-won as a Professional Ballet Dancer and Her Injury

Besides her career as an actress, Wang Ji-Won actually made her first debut in the entertainment industry as a ballerina from the Korean National Ballet group. Wang Ji-won joined a TV Show on KBS named Swan Club. Swan Club is a TV show about stars communicating through ballet.

Wang Ji-won admitted that her skills are not as they once were when she was active in ballet. She said, “I used to think nothing else mattered as long as I was happy, but it’s sad to know that my body isn’t what it used to be.”

Sadly, in the latest episode of Swan Club on January 12th, 2018, Wang Ji-won injured her ankle. She seemed to perform very well but unfortunately, at the climax, she injured her ankle. The panel of judges show serious concern about her physical condition, but she continued to perform after a little while. The actress resumed by saying, “I can do it!” Despite the tears in her eyes caused by the pain, she proved to be a very tough girl. You can check out the video below.

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Wang Ji-won’s Social Media

Ji-won is still active on her social media, especially Twitter and Instagram. Almost every day, Wang Ji-won posts an update about something. Her Instagram content is random but mostly contains her portraits, her cat, or foods. It looks like Ji-won herself, her cat, and foods are the top 3 of her favorite things in life.

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As you can see, Ji-won has 20.5k followers, follows 85 people, and has shared 962 posts. A lot of posts, right? Her posts are proof that Wang Ji-won is very active using her Instagram.

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Meanwhile, her Twitter is now only used for the purpose of sharing the pictures that she posts on Instagram; she has linked her Instagram and Twitter account so whenever she uploads a new post on Instagram, the post is also shared on her Twitter as well. She rarely tweets on her Twitter. If you want to know every new update about her, it is better for you to follow her Instagram.

Ji-won’s News

A while ago, the news was spread that Ji-won is the granddaughter of a national conglomerate group. Ji-won is the daughter of Wang Jung-hong, a project implementation manager at the national auditor’s office.

A friend of Ji-won said, “Ji-won never revealed anything about her family in order not to affect her father’s national public affairs official. But, all of her close friends know about her family’s secret.”

Wang Jung-hong is known as a first-class national public affairs official who passed the administrative exams and has served as both the director of audit and audit training and director of finance and economy.

In addition, Yang Jung-mo, the CEO of the national conglomerate group Prospex, is Ji-won’s grandfather from her mother’s side. Yang Jung-mo used to produce Prospex sneakers, which made his company placed on the seventh in the national ranking until the company closed down in 1985.

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