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Who is Lunafly?

Lunafly, sometimes written as LUNAFLY, may be a South Korean band that consists of three members. These members are Sam Carter (leader, singer, guitarist), Shin Taeho (singer, drummer, pianist), and Han Seung Yun (singer, guitarist, maknae). They officially debuted in 2012 with their original song How Nice wouldn’t it Be which won 1st place in Cyworld’s Music Chart. Before they debuted, they signed on with Nega Network (the same label as Brown Eyed Girls) and released their debut album Super Hero on iTunes worldwide. It consisted of two tracks, both in English, with the concept of “allowing international fans to totally appreciate their music,” which individuals responded o.k. to.

Sam Carter of Lunafly

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Sam Carter, who also goes by the anonym “Sam,” is that the leader and a composer for Lunafly. He’s half Korean and half British and formerly played for England’s Fulham Youth Soccer Team. Moreover, Sam is known for his handsome looks and expertise in speaking multiple languages. He’s not only fluent in English and Korean but can even speak some French, German, and Spanish.

Han Seung Yun of Lunafly

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Han Seung Yun (or Yun) is that the maknae of Lunafly, though he’s very talented yet, and is another composer for the band. Additionally, to the current, Yun also had a task in two drama series, Valid Love and there’s Blue Bird.

Ex-Member of Lunafly, Shin Taeho

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Shin Taeho, also referred to as Teo, maybe a former member of Lunafly. He was a vocalist, drummer, and composer for the band. In early 2015, Nega Network officially announced Teo’s withdrawal from the group and explained that Lunafly would continue as a two-member band with just Sam and Yun.

A few months later, Nega Network announced that Lunafly would be reborn as a band consisting of 4 members, which were Sam, Yun, Jin, and Yub. They rebranded as Lunafly Reborn and went on to performed in Guatemala and Bolivia. For the primary time in their careers, they traveled to North America to perform in Canada. Unfortunately, shortly after this, the 2 newest members left the group still. As of now, Lunafly consists of another time of two members, Sam and Yun.

Lunafly’s Members Popularity Ranking

Although Lunafly drew quite a little bit of initial buzz for his or her grassroots performances and pure acoustic beginnings, it’s yet to be cultivated into mainstream appeal. Their talents in music, however, certainly help them remain well-known. The remaining members of Lunafly, Sam and Yun, still attract people’s attention because of their continued participation in various activities, especially the foremost famous member, Sam. Sam is extremely active on his Instagram account and his YouTube channel, and also works as a music producer at Arirang Radio DJ.

It’s somewhat rare for Lunafly to look on Music Shows, but they need done many song covers. For instance, they need covered songs by Justin Bieber, James Arthur, Olly Murs, and plenty of more. Lunafly is additionally well welcomed overseas, further proof that they’re very talented. Lunafly has performed during a total of 32 countries to this point, meaning that they need to perform in additional countries than the other K-pop group in Korean music history.

Here are some of their songs, check them out!

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