Full profile and facts of Jang Seung-jo!

Cover - Full profile and facts of Jang Seung-jo!

Let’s check the full profile and facts of Jang Seung-jo! Are you excited and expected to know that? Today, let’s discover with Xenews now! 

Full Profile of Jang Seung-jo

Name: Jang Seung Jo (장승 조)
Birth Name: Jang Hyun Deok (장현덕)
Birthday: December 13, 1981
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 73 kg
Spouse: The Grace’s Lina
Children: 1
Instagram: @ssangear1004
Film appearances: Secret Zoo (2020), Heart Blackened (2017)
Drama appearances: Snowdrop (JTBC, 2021), The Good Detective (JTBC, 2020), Chocolate (JTBC, 2019-2020), Encounter (tvN, 2018-2019), Familiar Wife (tvN, 2018), Money Flower (MBC, 2017-2018), The Package (JTBC, 2017), Teacher Oh Soon Nam (MBC, 2017), My Son-In-Law’s Woman (SBS, 2016), The Roots of Throne (SBS, 2015-2016), Scholar Who Walks the Night (MBC / 2015), Hwajung (MBC, 2015), Wild Game (tvN, 2014), Quiz from God 4 (OCN, 2014)
Jang Seung-jo’s Fun Facts that You Should Know

Pic 1 - Full profile and facts of Jang Seung-jo!

  • Seung-jo was born with the name Jang Hyun-deok.
  • After debuting as an actor, he chose Jang Seung-jo as his stage name.
  • Seung-jo is a Sagittarius.
  • Seung-jo made his acting debut with a role in the 2014’s drama Quiz from God Season 4.
  • Seung-jo became known for his roles in Money Flower (MBC, 2017), Familiar Wife (tvN, 2018), and Encounter (tvN, 2018).
  • In Encounter, Seung-jo plays the role of Song Hye-kyo’s ex-boyfriend.
  • Seung-jo often plays the role of a second lead.
  • Seung-jo began dating The Grace’s Lina (Lee Ji-yeon) in 2012 and married her on November 22nd, 2014,
  • Blessed with a youthful face, Jang Seung Jo is often mistaken for being single, although Jang Seung-jo has children.
  • In September 2018, Seung-jo’s and Lina’s child was born.
  • Seung-jo is the best friend of actor Ji Sung. Both are once captured holding on to each of their children together.

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