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Lee Min Ho is a South Korean actor whose name is well-known to Korean lovers around the world. Lee Min Ho was born in Seoul, South Korea on June 22, 1987. At the start of his career, he played a student within the drama Sharp. He initially gained widespread fame in Korea and certain parts of Asia together with his role as Gu Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers in 2009. Besides playing the best character inBoys Over Flowers, he also gained fame for his roles in City Hunter (2011) with Park Min Young, The Heirs (2013) with Park Shin-Hye, and Legend of the Blue Sea (2016) with Jun Ji-Hyun.

Lee Min Ho’s Ex-Girlfriend and Dating Rumors

Many women are reported as being close with actor Lee Min Ho. He reportedly has had a romantic relationship with some South Korean actresses. Age doesn’t seem to be a vital factor when it involves choosing a girlfriend since he’s accustomed to dating women of any age. Without further ado, here could be a list of ladies who are Lee Min Ho’s girlfriend or a dating rumor!

Lee Min Ho With Park Min Young

Park Min Young is one of Lee Min Ho’s ex-girlfriends. She played during a drama series along with Lee Min Ho. They were stuck during a filming location together while starring within the drama City Hunter in 2011. Lee Min Ho was dating Park Min Young while they were acting together within the drama where they also had the role of lovers. But, unfortunately, the link between them ended too quickly since they broke up shortly after filming had finished.

After calling it quits, Park Min Young deleted all of her tweets associated with Lee Min Ho. But, it seems that there was some excellent news to follow. While their relationship had run aground, it had been reported that they often meet one another on the Q.T.. Even one among Park Min Young’s friends said that they still loved one another at the time.

Lee Min Ho With Seolhyun AOA

Seolhyun AOA is another victim of Lee Min Ho’s leading on. In step with Seolhyun, the popular actor of Boys Over Flowers had treated her okay during filming, but on the other hand, suddenly changed his attitude when filming was over. Initially, Lee Min Ho would make Seolhyun comfortable when onset. Lee Min Ho even had the possibility to bring mosquito nets for the 2 of them to use. Unfortunately, the intimacy immediately changed after the assembly of the film ended, and shortly the news of Lee Min Ho and Miss A officially dating began to circulate. However, the link between Lee Min Ho and Seolhyun AOA claimed to be nothing but a rumor, and that they themselves haven’t reported having been dating.

Lee Min Ho With Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy may be a former member of the girl group Miss A. Suzy is the most up-to-date ex-girlfriend of Lee Min Ho. They broke up in 2017 when Lee Min Ho was undergoing his military service. Their relationship was quite long-lasting, about 3 years. They officially started dating in 2015. Before going out together, Lee Min Ho often asked Suzy’s friend to assist him to meet Suzy, but Suzy repeatedly rejected Lee Min Ho.

However, in the end, Min-ho and Suzy ended up finally meeting one another. That’s when Min-ho immediately fell enamored with Suzy, and he or she was finally melted romantically by Lee Min Ho. the rationale they broke up has been unclear; their agencies announced that the rationale they broke up was that they were too busy to determine one another.

After they broke up, Suzy confirmed dating actor Lee Dong Wook, but their relationship has also ended.

Lee Min Ho With Taylor Swift

In September 2016, an unreasonable rumor that Lee Min Ho and Taylor Swift were dating circulated. This rumor originated from a commentary by Inquisitr. Within the article, the author only expressed his opinion that Lee Min Ho had the potential to be Taylor’s boyfriend after Tom Hiddleston. Suddenly, the matchmaking news made fans disagree, especially people who like Korean dramas. Swift seems to own a nasty reputation because she often changes partners.

According to a politician statement from Lee Min Ho’s agency, the actor and Taylor don’t know one another and have not met. Min Ho’s management unfolded on the matchmaking between the actor and Swift. “This is ridiculous, and we were so surprised by this,” said one amongst Min Ho’s management representatives.

Lee Min Ho With Kang Min Kyung

Rumors of a romance between Lee Min Ho and Kang Min Kyung circulated in 2009. At that point, Lee Min Ho was on the increase through the drama Boys Over Flower while Kang Min Kyung was also popular as a member of the Davichi duo. Photos of them being together also spread to the media.

However, Lee Min Ho explained that he wasn’t dating Kang Min Kyung. Lee Min Ho and Kang Min Kyung have been friends since childhood. Lee Min Ho’s representative explained, “It is true he was near that artist, but those love rumors don’t seem to be true.”

Lee Min Ho With Yoon Ina

One of Lee Min Ho’s ex-girlfriends who is commonly discussed is Yoon Ina. The actress who is ruled by In Star K Entertainment may be a model for Wheesung’s video clip, “Love Is Delicious.” Not only did their intimate photos spread to the general public, Lee Min Ho’s message of affection for Yoon Ina was also leaked in cyberspace. Within the letter, the actor expressed his feelings for his lover with super romantic words.

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