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“Flower Of Evil” Screenwriter Yoo Jung Hee Shares About The Inspiration For Making The Drama

Yoo Jung Hee, the screenwriter of tvN’s “Flower of Evil”, recently sat down for an interview to share about her drama.

“Flower of Evil” is about a detective (Moon Chae Won) who begins to suspect her perfect husband (Lee Joon Gi) of being a serial killer.

The drama first garnered attention with its shocking premise: “What if you start to suspect the husband you’ve loved for 14 years might be a serial killer?” Screenwriter Yoo Jung Hee said, “I was thinking through various concepts and I came up with the idea of a husband who pretends to be noble and pure and a wife who loves with an innocent heart. I liked the irony in that.”

She continued, “I also thought it was interesting to ask this question: if someone does their absolute best for their partner in order to take their own dark secret to the grave, can you really say that they are living a lie? I wanted to beef up that story, so I raised the stakes in making the couple a serial killer and detective.”

Screenwriter Yoo Jung Hee Shares About The Inspiration

About the title, Yoo Jung Hee explained, “While creating the character Do Hyun Soo [played by Lee Joon Gi], I thought of Charles Baudelaire’s book of poetry called ‘Les Fleurs du mal’ [‘The Flowers of Evil’ in English]. His poems were about the chaos and anxiety that arises when societal values, which should be clear-cut and black-and-white, become ambiguous and borderline. I thought that was similar to the character. I wanted people to think about the beauty of a desperate life when they thought of the drama.”

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She further explained, “I wanted to share the message that even where evil has been buried, flowers can still bloom. ‘Flower of Evil’ represents Do Hyun Soo’s image, which cannot be defined as black or white or red. It also represents Cha Ji Won [played by Moon Chae Won]’s image, who has to learn to accept a new world after breaking down the barriers inside herself.”

Yoo Jung Hee thanked viewers for supporting the drama and said, “The show is created through the hard work and passion of many people. I’m grateful that fans have felt our sincere intentions. I hope that it can become a drama in which people wonder what happens to the lead characters after it’s over. I want them to think once in a while, ‘I wonder how they’re living now?’”

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