‘Flower Crew’ hosts say sorry to fans!

Cover - ‘Flower Crew’ hosts say sorry to fans!

‘Flower Crew’ hosts say sorry to fans! Do you wanna know everything about this? Today, get ready and discover together with Xenews!

The hosts of SBS‘s pilot reality show “Flower Crew” apologized to fans for the discomfort they will have felt from their live Monday broadcast sessions through Naver’s V app on Tuesday.

The broadcast, which involved fans voting to present their favorite host the possibility to possess his trip made easier, came under attack for the impolite and high-handed manner of some hosts towards BTS member Jungkook.

The apology came within the live session Tuesday, the second day of the six-member team‘s trip to Jejudo Island.

“I understand how uncomfortable and intimidated fans felt while watching the live broadcast yesterday, but I think it was due to misunderstanding,” said host Seo Jang-hoon. “Fans could not see what happened in between times off live camera. Anyway, we were all entertained while filming all this. You will figure it out (from the SBS version).”

“The way I tried to get closer to the cohosts seemed somewhat uncomfortable to fans,” comedian Cho Se-ho said. “I apologize to fans for awkward moments this caused.”

Cover - ‘Flower Crew’ hosts say sorry to fans!

Seo was criticized by fans for his consistent argument that the “unfair” voting system is advantageous to Jungkook, the idol group member. Cho was blasted for scolding Jungkook while refusing Jungkook’s burger, which he offered to all the hosts, saying the burger “looked like leftovers.” When cohost Kim Min-seok tried to eat the burger, Cho asked Kim why he was “shoving the burger into his mouth.”

Jungkook said he felt rather comfortable in the first live session.

Retired soccer star Ahn Jung-hwan said they became “very close overnight.”

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