Find out more information about BTS’ Jin’s adorable pet!

BTS’s Jin’s dog Jjangu, and their sweet moments together! Let’s see with us!

Did you recognize that besides BTS‘s V who encompasses a pet dog, there’s also Jin who includes a favorite dog named Jjangu? The dog is rumored to be one of every of the foremost beloved animals by Jin’s family. When talking about pets, there must be many shared moments that the owner has never forgotten.

Let’s see some sweet moments from BTS’s Jin and Jjangu that are very complete within the article below!

BTS Jin’s Canine Friend Jjangu

Jjangu could be a white-colored dog and is extremely small in shape. Jjangu’s race is Maltese and it’s very adorable because of it’s very long white fur. the common keeper likes to do makeovers for his or her dog, like cutting hair or wearing clothes that make their appearance very cute.

Jjangu may be a male dog and lives with BTS Jin‘s parents. Maybe some idols have their pet dogs along with them within the dorm, but Jjangu lives with the fogeys and family of BTS’ Jin so the dog gets more attention from the one that takes care of it. Even so, BTS Jin is additionally the foremost diligent person to produce updates about Jjangu to his fans.

BTS’ Jin’s Selca With Jjangu

Some of Jjangu’s collection photos with BTS’s Jin look very adorable and beautiful. Moreover, the military already knew that BTS’s Jin was also an idol who loved animals, especially his pet dogs. When BTS’s Jin returns home, he always posts a photograph of himself with Jjangu and makes it get good praise and comments from fans to BTS’s Jin.

Besides photos of BTS Jin along with Jjangu, he also frequently updates videos about how cute Jjangu is when he visits home and various Jjangu activities with him that make fans feel happy once they see BTS’ Jin’s interactions along with his dog.

The 12-year-old Jjangu could be a very old dog compared to dogs with a median age of 8 years. Jjangu is additionally an awfully healthy dog ​​even though his body is incredibly small. He also received enough attention from BTS’s Jin and his family reception because Jjangu was always loved and pampered.

The funniest moment ever found was when BTS’s Jin was on a video call and saw Jjangu in his house. BTS’ Jin called intent on Jjangu who was seen playing alone and Jjangu immediately ran over to BTS’ Jin’s voice that was heard through the video call. How cute!

After that moment, there have been also other sweet memories with Jjangu. BTS’s Jin is seen within the video holding his favorite toy within the kind of chicken thighs and he looks very disobedient and responds to BTS’ Jin when the idol who sings “Fake Love” calls and tells him to play together.

Another thing that creates fans feel very keen on Jjangu is when he’s eating one in all his favorite snacks and BTS’ Jin is recording Jjangu who is busy eating. When he called intent on Jjangu by knocking on the ground several times, Jjangu looked annoyed, and shortly he was barking at BTS’ Jin. This made BTS Jin surprised and also the video he was recording turned black.

In a number of Jjangu’s photos, he’s also seen almost as an awfully photogenic model dog. Jjangu is extremely keen on flowers, he’s also seen taking many pictures with the gathering of flowers in BTS’ Jin’s home page and when he’s publically.

Jjangu really is one in each of the relations of BTS’ Jin who even accompanied him long before he debuted as a famous boy band member. Jjangu is additionally loved by ARMY due to his adorable nature and he also incorporates a very funny face. many folks who love BTS’ Jin also love Jjangu the maximum amount as their own pet dog.

Rest In Peace, Jjangu

A sad piece of stories came from BTS’s Jin when he told his fans that Jjangu, his favorite dog that he had kept for 12 years, was dead. Many fans were shocked at this sudden news although nobody previously thought that Jjangu may be a very healthy and active dog.

Indeed, the typical dog lives around 20 years, it also depends on the breed of the dog. For dogs of the Maltese breeds like Jjangu, even have the maturity and are considered healthy within the group of dogs that are included in small bodies. For 12 years, Jjangu has been a palling dog that’s loved by BTS’s Jin and family. He also brought plenty of happiness to BTS’ Jin who was also happy to present an update about Jjangu’s cuteness to the military.

On September 28th, 2017, BTS’ Jin uploaded a post to his fan café and told fans that Jjangu, his favorite dog, had died after living with him for 12 years. He wrote to his fan and told fans to not worry an excessive amount about his current condition. BTS’s Jin just completed promotion along with his group after the “DNA” comeback and delivered Jjangu for the last time.

BTS’ Jin also expressed his gratitude to the fans who continued to produce support and positive comments so BTS’ Jin remained enthusiastic while Jjangu was now not with him. He also hopes that he is going to be able to meet his fans cheerfully again.

Jjangu has also been a dog that’s very loyal to BTS’s Jin all now. He brings many sweet memories with fans who many consider him to be a submissive and always cheerful dog. Now, Jjangu is gone and BTS’ Jin doesn’t have a pet dog anymore. It’s just that there are 2 sugar gliders that he kept and his family reception to require care of those animals.

Sweet memories with pet dogs cannot be removed. There are plenty of ups and downs that we get because we are along with pets. Moreover, BTS’s Jin has also taken excellent care of Jjangu from small to large dogs. For 12 years, BTS’s Jin and his family reception are always entertained by the humor of Jjangu.

After Jjangu’s departure, BTS’s Jin failed to change his personality. He remains an awfully happy BTS member and more and more fans love him. Jjangu is additionally a widely known dog and is additionally remembered by ARMYs because he has many sweet memories with BTS’s Jin and his fans.

It is very natural for the owner of a pet to feel deeply sad because one among the animals they take care of since they’re small has reached very adulthood and eventually must die. However, these animals became like relations themselves and produce happiness daily. The lifetime of a pet is extremely meaningful for people who have taken excellent care of and cared for it.

Not only did BTS’s Jin feel the loss of Jjangu’s death, but the military also felt sad and felt a loss because the pet of the idol singer of “War of Hormone” was like their own pet. ARMY was also happy thanks to Jjangu’s cute and adorable behavior.

Now, Jjangu does not exist. ARMY continues to support BTS’s Jin in every career move and hopes that the idol won’t feel sad or lonely after Jjangu’s death. ARMY is certainly able to become an exponent who entertains BTS’s Jin at any moment and time. They also expressed their empathy because Jjangu has become a component of happiness within the lifetime of their favorite idol, BTS’s Jin.

Losing a pet dog is indeed not a simple thing that may be treated alone. BTS’s Jin is lucky to own fans who are very loyal and always cheer him up all the time, especially after Jjangu’s death.

Well, that’s the news and complete information about BTS’s Jin’s canine friend Jjangu, the Maltese who accompanied BTS’s Jin and his family for 12 years. plenty of happiness they felt together and the military could also feel the loss of the departure of Jjangu forever. Let’s pray for BTS’s Jin so he will still work and perform his activities and promotions with enthusiasm within the future! Rest in peace, Jjangu.

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