Fanatics is an eight-member South Korean girl group formed by FENT in 2018

Fanatics’s music products are often criticized by audiences. Let’s check with us!

Despite receiving lots of attention from the previous popularity of Doah – who participated in Produce 48, the career of this girl group continues to be unsuccessful.

The group was originally introduced as a three-member sub-unit called Fanatics–Flavor debuted on November 26, 2018, with the one “Milkshake”. the total ensemble, consisting of members Doi, Sika, Chaelin, Chiayi, Yoonhye, and Doah, debuted on August 6, 2019, with the discharge of EP The Six.

With their first mini-album The Six and also the title song Sunday, Fanatics not only go unnoticed but also was criticized by fans for his or her “bad” music quality, worse than the merchandise of the 3-member lineup in 2018.

On April 13, 2020, the group has announced the addition of two new members, Via and Rayeon, while at the identical time also announcing that current members Chaelin and Yoonhye left the group to develop their personal careers. Then, they came back with their 2nd mini album Plus Two on May 4, 2020. This product continues to disappoint the audiences.

Four teammates of the K-Pop girl group, FANATICS, recently had a live stream on the Weibo app. Shortly after, the group started trending at #1 when a clip of a happening went viral. within the now-viral clip, two of the K-Pop girl group members were spotted with short skirts. Staff gave the 2 girls a jacket to hide up legs. Afterward, a male employee, presumed to be the manager was heard in the background scolding and slapping the staff, mainly because he aim to flaunt them. “What are you doing? What are you covering? It must be seen, allow others to see the legs. Are you stupid?” The male staff said.

Immediately, the four members were shocked and removed the jacket. They continuously crossed their legs or sat crouched. After watching the video, the audience expressed anger and worry about molestation within Korean showbiz.

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