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Today, Xenews will show Falling Into Your Smile drama Review! Are you excited and expected to this interesting drama? Get ready with us!       

Definitely, a yardstick for light romantic comedy series within the backdrop of e-sports, Falling Into Your Smile drama would surely draw lots of fine times for casual and regular watchers!

If you wish for a reliable feel-good series, look no further and immerse yourself in the planet of Tong Yao and Lu Sicheng. Consistently hooking in its swift-paced 31-episode run, the series flaunted all-engrossing moments from start to complete.

Main Cast: Xu Kai | Cheng Xiao |
Streaming Sites: WeTV | Youku
Romance/Addictive Meter: 5/5
Overall Rating: 4.5/5
Rewatch Value: 5/5
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Falling Into Your Smile Quick Plot Recap

A once-you-pop-you-can’t-stop series, it can reel a viewer to look at it on a binge. While romance and e-sports themed drama has seen an increase in the C-Drama landscape, Falling Into Your Smile drama gravitates easily for its vibrant characters and fascinating narrative.

The series narrates the story of a University fresh graduate Tong-yao (Cheng Xiao) who opted to choose a career she’s dependent on. Despite her mother’s objection, she signed a contract with a famous e-sports gaming company, ZGDX.

As the first female professional gamer, she is driven to prove that ladies may explore an industry known to be dominated by the male population. Moving to ZGDX’s dorm, she slowly but surely builds connections together with her teammates. At the identical time, she also learns the ropes of being an expert gamer.

Inevitably, she also develops a mutual romantic relationship with the elusive and talented gaming god and his team’s captain.

Falling Into Your Smile Series Peak Points

A Delightful Repackaging Of Typical Rom-Com Story

Cohabitation, bickering romance, energetic heroine, stoic male lead – the list goes on and any drama fan can easily associate these tropes to fan-favorite stories. But what I appreciate the foremost in Falling Into Your Smile was how it stayed faithful to the texture of the first work.

Anchoring the core of the drama, the lead pair also showed genuine commitment to their roles owning Tong Yao and Lu Sicheng with utmost effort. Likewise, the supporting cast members, despite numerous, are easy to accompany. they are doing not falling way behind the lead couple and shine with their stories of their own.

Designed to please with a women-empowering message, the story also expounds on the worth of friendship, teamwork, and pushing to try to do what makes us happy.

An Abundance of Heart-Fluttering Moments

Xu Kai and Cheng Xiao did an excellent job in capturing naturally the integral romance element within the story. Moving to a realistic development, it had been easy to relate to the perspectives of the adorable love pairing.

All those sweet moments they shared on-screen honestly induce jealousy. Forgiving the mushy scenes and also the cliche conflicts felt natural. Xu Kai and Cheng Xiao elevated the bickering-turned-romance into the sweetest state possible.

Without looking trite or out of place to the storytelling, Tong Yao and Sicheng’s romantic ride, without a doubt, is that the biggest drawing factor of the series.

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Falling Into Your Smile Series Musings

Losing count of what percentage times I morphed to a beaming face watching Falling Into Your Smile is proof of how this series has truly entertained me. It even sent me to binge-read the novel which is as sprightly as its live adaptation.

The intention to create viewers’ happiness through its addicting story was highly achieved. Sometimes stories that value more highly to deliver happiness matter over an overachieving plot that may lose its steam along the way. That’s exactly what this chirpy drama accomplished.

Throwing life and love lessons, it maintained a spirited love journey that’s worthy to root for. After watching some C-Dramas exploring e-sports, I’m deeply impressed with the graceful integration of humor and romance within the series.

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Exceptionally woven, Falling Into Your Smile also ensured that the exploration of e-sports as its background wasn’t washed out when the romance kicked in. because of the in-game striking graphics, it made the game-playing scenes interesting to observe. It even aids character development. Moreover, those that don’t seem to be really into gaming can easily understand the foundations of the sport played within the series.

More importantly, it also provided a more in-depth study of the feelings of e-sports players – not just their victorious feats, but their inner pains. We saw their struggles to keep the expectations they were sure to as public figures expected to be at their best behaviors all the time. We saw how their choice of career took time for his or her families to simply accept as valuable as the other regular job.

In my previous features about this drama, I communicated how it gave me a “drama fan life-affirming moment” this season. See for yourself why it’s ought to have your binge-watch schedule.

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