EXO has released a behind-the-scenes of “Don’t Fight the Feeling“ MV!

EXO shares a behind-the-scenes look at filming their new music video “Don’t Fight The Feeling”

The video behind-the-scenes of “Don’t Fight the Feeling” MV opens with D.O. saying playfully, “This is the set of EXO’s music video filming. I’m wearing cool clothes and filming for the first time in a while, but I don’t think it’s going well. It’s been so long. But I’ll work hard in order to show a cooler image.” He pours his passion into reviewing the smallest change of angle while filming.

Chanyeol asks, “Everyone, do you remember this flag? These flags were in the music video for ‘Obsession’ and work to continue the storyline. We’re filming the music video now and it’s been a while since I came to a filming shoot, so I’m remembering past times and having fun. Waving this flag is not easy.”

Xiumin says, “Today is my birthday! It happened to overlap with the music video filming. I’m really happy. If it’s for EXO-L, then I’m good with it. I like filming together with the members. I want to keep doing it.” Later, the members surprise him with a cake and gifts, and Xiumin wishes for Chanyeol to complete his military service safely.

At one point, Chanyeol films D.O. up close with a camera, and although D.O. tells him to stop, he gets curious about what it looks like. D.O. takes the camera and briefly interviews Chanyeol against the green screen backdrop. About the constant use of the green screen in the filming, Baekhyun says, “It might not look like much now, but once the CGI is added, I think it’ll look good. The members have gotten together for the first time in a while and a lot of people might have forgotten the chemistry between us, so please look out for that in the music video.”

Check out the video (with English subtitles) below!

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