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All information about ex-member of Bolbbalgan4 Woo Ji Yoon’s profile, let’s check more about her and why she left Bolbbalgan4!

BOL4 or Bolbbalgan4 (which means Blushing Youth, pronounced Bolbbalgan Sachungi) may be a Korean music duo consisting of members Woo Ji-yoon and Ahn Ji-young. With the discharge of the one “Fight Day,” the group debuted on April 22nd, 2016. before their debut, the group who are friends since childhood participated in the SBS singing competition Superstar K6 back in 2014. Unfortunately, she left the group on April 2nd, 2020. Although the explanation has not been explicitly stated, many believed that she was treated unfairly. In 2020, she debuted as a solo artist under the name ODDCHILD.
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BOL4’s Ji-yoon’s Profile

ji yoon

Stage Name: Jiyoon (지윤)
Birth Name: Woo Ji-yoon (우지윤)
Position: Main Rapper, Sub Vocalist, Guitarist, Maknae
Date of Birth: January 6th, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Nationality: Korean
Height: 160 cm (5’2″)
Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: @bssazzzn

BOL4’s Ji Yoon’s Facts

woo ji yoon

  • Yeongju, South Korea is her hometown and also the place she was raised
  • As she is shy in the real world, she represents the ‘blushing’ a part of BOL4
  • Her rectangle smile is her trademark
  • She can do a vocal mimicry of a woodpecker
  • She is sort of good at dancing, particularly at girl group dances
  • Regarding her ideal type, she said, “I sort of a one that can cook well. I don’t care about his looks.”
    She was born within the Year of the Rat (1996)
  • Her birth flower is Carnation and it symbolizes pride, beauty, admiration and gratitude, fascination, distinction, and divine love
  • Her life path is number 5 and it represents ‘The Free Spirit’ and values adventure, movement, similarly as changes
  • Her birthstone is Garnet and it’s a logo of religion, love, and constancy
  • Her zodiac sign is Capricorn

BOL4’s Ji-yoon’s pre-debut story

Ji-yoon, born in 1996, is one year younger than her former group-mate, Ahn Ji-young. She encompasses a shy nature, but she may be a naturally hard-working person which is enough to steal the public’s attention.

Ji-yoon and Ji-young are friends since childhood. They both grew up together and have become friends in high school in Yeonju, Gyeongsangbuk-do. In 2014, with their special musical talents, they decided to group as a band (with two other friends) and took part in the SBS singing competition show, Superstar K6.

Their neat medley performance and Ji-young’s soothing voice awed the judge including Davichi’s Kang Min-kyung that episode. They managed to pass the audition stage and move to the subsequent room.

Their specialty is doing the quilt and sometimes medley of famous songs from K-pop and international artists. they need special talents of constructing any song become their own.

They even made it to the large stage and lasted up to episode 13. Ji-yoon mostly took part in playing musical instruments and guitar within the show. She sometimes also filled the back-up vocals for Ji-young. Her versatile musical skills and abilities have made her stood up amongst the opposite contestants.

After the show, she together with Ji-young received contract offers from various agencies before settling with Shofar Music. Ji-yoon and Ji-young then decided to sign a contract as a duo with the identical name their band used on the show.

BOL4’s Ji-yoon’s Debut

Ji-yoon and Ji-young debuted under the name Bol4 or Bolbbalgan4 (pronounced Bolbbalgan Sachungi) which stands for Blushing Youth. They said that the name of the group stands for his or her desire to form the sort of pure, honest music which will only be found in adolescence. Ji-yoon represents the ‘blushing’ a part of the name because she incorporates a shy personality really, while Ji-young represents the ‘youth’ part because she acts like a young person girl.

They debuted on April 22nd, 2016, with the discharge of the only “Fight Day.” The song may be a reminiscence of a relationship that went on a rough patch.

The song received many compliments from the listeners and their fans. Many have praised their musical abilities:

“This song makes me miss the ex-boyfriend that I never had…” a netizen commented.

“I’m so obsessed with them. I’m gonna buy her albums,” said another netizen.

“I’m falling smitten with their song and her voice oh my god i prefer their songs,” said another.

Their stage performance usually involves Ji-yoon sitting and playing the instruments while Ji-young is standing and singing.

Growing up together since childhood made Ji-yoon and Ji-young not feel awkward when working. They released songs that were both involved in producing and enjoyed musical recognition through their popular hits throughout the years before Ji-yoon decided to go away the duo and pursue a career on her own.

Controversy during Ji-yoon’s departure from BOL4 and debut as a solo artist

On April 2nd, 2020, Shofar Music announced the departure of Ji-yoon from BOL4. The agency announced that Ji-yoon will leave the group to pursue a solo career on her own. Meanwhile, Ahn Ji-young will do solo promotions while maintaining the name BOL4. The agency said the rationale for Jiyoon’s departure was a private matter associated with her future, but stated that she and Ji-young would still be friends and support one another behind the scenes.

Below is the agency’s full statement:

“Hello, this is Shofar Music.

First, we thank the fans who support and love BOL4. We would like to make an official statement regarding a member change in our agency’s duo BOL4.

Member Woo Ji Yoon has expressed her desire to wrap up promoting as part of BOL4 due to personal concerns about her future career, and we have had several meetings to think about the matter carefully with the members. After speaking with each other for a long time, the members came to understand each other’s thoughts, and Shofar Music also respects Woo Ji Yoon’s decision, so we have come to the following conclusion.

BOL4 will now be a one-member artist with Ahn Ji Young and no additional members. After contemplation, Woo Ji Yoon has decided to wrap up promoting as BOL4.

We, Shofar Music, are also sad that BOL4 will not be able to continue on together, but we have made this decision to respect and support [Woo Ji Yoon’s] thoughts more than anything else. Moreover, although Ahn Ji Young and Woo Ji Yoon will wrap up promoting together as part of a duo, they will continue to be colleagues and friends who support the paths they each take.

The one-member BOL4 is currently preparing to release an album some time in May, and we ask you to send Ahn Ji Young, who will continue the music of BOL4, warm support and encouragement.

Shofar Music will continue to support the two artists’ shining future.

Thank you.

From, Shofar Music”

Ji-yoon also shared a private handwritten letter regarding her departure from the group. She stated that she would start a brand new beginning after having had numerous happy memories with BOL4. consistent with her, this wasn’t a straightforward decision.

She revealed that she wanted to do a brand new challenge and wanted to require a chance and concentrate on her future career.

woo ji yoon letter

“Hello, this is Woo Ji Yoon.

It’s been a while since I’ve written a letter.

It’s hard to stay home during this season in which the cold is melting away. Make sure to wear a mask when you go out, and take a thin jacket with you because the daily temperature range is very big. Be careful not to catch a cold.

I’d like to carefully talk about something today. It might be disappointing or surprising to you, so my heart is heavy.

While treasuring in my heart the memories I spent with you as BOL4’s Woo Ji Yoon, I am embarking on a new start.

I wanted my fans, who cheered for me and loved me, to be the first ones to know. Thank you for sparing a part of your hearts for me. It wasn’t an easy decision because we had such special experiences and shared so many emotions together.

Many days, I would keep asking myself the same question. “Am I doing what’s right? What is it that I really want to do?” It was a process of contemplating seriously about my future career, and it occurred to me that now is an important time for me to take on a new challenge before it’s too late.

I thought over it countless times on my own, and I talked to the company and Ji Young as well., They held me back, which I’m thankful for, and we had deep discussions on many occasions. But to me, this was something I had thought about alone for a long time, so I asked them to understand my feelings, and both the company and Ji Young decided to respect my decision.

It was thanks to the time I spent with all of you that I was able to think, “Am I worthy of receiving all of this love? Then I should become someone who can return twice the amount of love I received.” Like this, I wanted to become a better person little by little.

I can’t express myself very well, so I’m rambling even within this short piece of writing. But whether I write well or not, I wanted to approach you fully as myself, since this is the last time. What I started in high school for fun has now grown into a team that many people lean their ears in to listen to, and I want to let you know that BOL4 is a precious memory to me.

Though I won’t be able to continue on as BOL4 like before, I will be a fan and a friend who watches over BOL4 and cheers it on. Thank you for being with me during my brightest moments. I love you.”

However, Ji-yoon’s departure raised a giant punctuation mark. Many suspected an enclosed problem and proved correct. it’s known that she was treated unfairly by the agency.
After her departure, many fans believed that the 000 reason behind her leaving is because of the unfair treatment that she received during her time with BOL4. A post on the positioning Pann has gained much attention since it revealed that a friend ignores her after getting Ahn Ji-young’s signature on a devotee sign event. Ji-yoon still smiles and waves to the fan who turned his back on her.


In another picture, a staff mistreated her with unfair treatment as staff ignored her while holding an umbrella over Ahn Ji-young’s head. Ji-yoon finally covers herself together with her jacket to dodge the rain.

bol 4

Meanwhile, after Ji-yoon’s official departure, Ji-young also left a private letter. She apologized to fans for the seemingly sudden news and for those that may well be angry after continuing to support all now. She stated that Ji-yoon had been worried about this for an extended time before making the choice to go away. Ji-young even admitted that she was shocked and couldn’t accept it when she first heard this.

“I was very angry. But I also thought of her worries and difficulties before finally choosing it. Because she was very considerate,” wrote Ji-young. “After almost 10 years of knowing her, she always does her best for BOL4. I feel it’s my time to support her as a disciple,” Ji-young went on.

Although they’ll now not appear together as BOL4, Ji-yoon and Ji-young agreed to always support one another and share the news with fans within the future.

“To IoBoly (fan club) who played a giant role for us within the past four years, thanks for loving and supporting us with none restrictions. i will be able to also always support Ji-yoon early yet as provides a better picture of Ahn Ji-young BOL4,” Jiyoung wrote.


A rumor of the feud between Ji-yoon and BOL4’s Ahn Ji-young another time began to circulate after Ji-yoon released a solo song under the name ODDCHILD. Her newest solo track that was composed last year before her departure was released on June 19th, 2020.

Ji-yoon releases the songs “Dodo” and “Island” as a part of her new album O: circle. Upon reading the lyrics, many netizens speculated that her songs are relating her fellow groupmate, Ahn Ji-young. The lyrics like “Unending greed is that the reason side out. You pushed me aside,” from “Dodo” and “Whether you fill within the empty spot or not,” from “Island” are said to be a relevance her situation and BOL4’s track “Blank” (literal translation “Please Fill the Empty Spot”).

“Your endless desire and greed is a reason for a side out.
You pushed me away and took the set point
Salud beer, tryna gaslighting.
My dreamlike work was burnt away, rock my boat.
It’s a nightmare for me.
I’m selfish til the end.
The self-justification was that flowers will bloom tomorrow, for you.
I was worried for you.
I’m glad I got out.
Every clouds has a silver lining
Beat it, I did.”

_Dodo lyric_

There are various references that may be interpreted as references to Ahn Ji-young and BOL4. The parts of the lyrics that mentioned ‘desire’ and ‘greed’ are said to be a relation to Ahn Ji-young’s desire to hold the BOL4 without her, while the mention of somebody pushing her away might be interpreted as she was pushed out of the group.

She also made respect to BOL4’s song “Workaholic” with the lyrics “Salud beer” as Salud can mean cheers in Spanish. it’s said to represent she was glad after leaving BOL4.

Amidst the rumor, Ji-yoon denied that her new songs weren’t a jab for Ji-young. She clarified on Instagram, “My song ‘Dodo’ was produced in 2019, and that i posted a small amount of it on Instagram. the remainder of it became the most song. ‘Island’ maybe a song that was finished with guide vocals last summer.”

Even though she has clarified the rumors, they began to fuel again after Ji-young posted on her Instagram Stories on July 3rd, 2020:

“Before that friend’s departure was made public, she told me that she wanted to rest. In talks with our label, she said that she hoped to leave in order to find her own path. As you know, it was the same in her handwritten statement. When the news was made public, I heard from other artists and staff members in our label and our acquaintances that she had said that we had parted on good terms. During the time we promoted together, we never once received unfair treatment from the label, so I don’t understand how one could say that we parted on bad terms.

I’ve looked at the lyrics for dodo on the album odd child’ again and again. The same goes for song island. I don’t know what the intention was, but I went through a hard time for a while because it seemed obvious the lyrics were about me. In a 36-second timespan, lyrics like, ‘you pushed me aside,’ ‘gaslighting,’ ‘self-justification,’ and ‘it’s a relief that I’m leaving.’ the real-time searches were full of it and I dealt with criticism, malicious comments, and speculative articles all day.

I go to therapy every week and suffer from depression. Every night, she comes to torment me in my dreams, so I struggle with insomnia. I couldn’t deal with it any longer and it was too hard for me to see her, so I unfollowed her. Are you happy now that I’ve explained why I unfollowed her? I’m human and I have feelings too. And it’s my personal social media account, so whether I follow or unfollow, what concern is it of yours? I don’t want this to become an issue anymore. I will support that friend as she takes on new challenges and changes. However, don’t compare us both or question who was good or who was bad, because that is being careless with the precious memories of the fans and listeners who are related to and received comfort from bol4’s music.”

Meanwhile, in response to her Instagram Stories, Ji-yoon posted on her own Instagram stories:

“The reason that I haven’t said anything was that I didn’t want to hurt the people who love me if my words caused another issue about me, who isn’t able to say enough.

However, after considering carefully about it, I thought of how I’ve always felt regret over the losses I’ve experienced because I didn’t say anything. So after giving it a lot of thought, I’ve decided to try to write a few words.

First, as many people know, the biggest reason that I left the group bol4 was that I had a lot of concerns about my own path. However, rather than suddenly leaving, I wanted to end things properly so I was thinking of ending the group after a concert. But regardless of my own intentions, she showed that she intended to part with me more quickly, so I ended up leaving the team sooner than I’d thought. Also, even though I saw her talking about our relationship on television afterward in a way that contrasted with my own thoughts, I didn’t want people talking about myself and her because of a scandal, so I didn’t say anything.

And second, in regard to my song that many people are talking about and saying I took a shot at her with, as I said in my Instagram story before, that song was one that I’d already written a few years ago and I don’t have anything more to say about that. It hurts me as well to see that after I released my first song, so many people are calling it “taking a shot” rather than being interested in my music.

There’s still so much more that I haven’t said. However, I don’t want to add the things I haven’t said and then regret it.

I’m just writing this for my acquaintances and fans who love me.”

To which Ji-young responded back:

“I was hurt that I first heard about her wanting to quit bol4 from the label rather than directly from her.

It’s true that we planned to continue promoting as bol4 until our concert even after she decided she was going to leave. However, since the conclusion had already been decided, I felt that we would not be able to promote our album together because I didn’t want to make our final album as bol4 without sincere feelings. During discussions about her departure, I said that it would be better if she ended her promotions, and she agreed with me. She also said that she would give due respect to my opinions.

That’s why I said on tv that I think I did the best I could for both of us.

I do not want the public to misunderstand our situation. After this period, I do not want to talk about our situation any longer.

I thought this was a problem we could resolve between the two of us, and I’m very upset that it has gone this far. If you have something left to say to me, then don’t ignore me and contact me.”

It looks like the 2 best friends’ arguments became a public dispute and the ‘she said, she said scenario. While we don’t know what the important truth and intentions are, we hope everything is going to be back to normal for both of them. We sincerely wish for his or her success in their future endeavors!

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