Eugene shares about her character in “Penthouse 3: War in Life”

‘Penthouse 3’ star Eugene shares why she almost ditched the top-rating K-Drama

Eugene gets honest about her experience as she addresses the rumors about the mega-hit trilogy drama Penthouse 3: War in Life.

For her upcoming appearance within the SBS variety “Tikita Car,” the previous KPop star turned actress spoke about how the series became an enormous hit to the general public.

She hints that even the cast was unaware of how the story would go not until they read the script.

Moreover, Eugene also described the storyline as “creepy” in regard to the extraordinary twist and turns, and revelation in every episode.

“I didn’t realize the creepy reversal of ‘Penthouse’ until just before I read the script,” she explained.

In “Penthouse 3,” Eugene plays the role of Oh Yoon Hee, the loving mother of Bae Ro Na, played by Kim Hyun Soo.

Her character also experiences devastating events within the hands of Joo Dan Tae, portrayed by Uhm Ki Joon and therefore the former primadonna Cheon Seo Jin, played by the Baeksang Arts Awards winner Kim So Yeon.

Was Oh Yoon Hee a Transgender?

As Eugene continued to spill the small print within the mega-hit K-drama “Penthouse 3,” the host also asked the rumors about Oh Yoon Hee’s identity.

However, the previous S.E.S member appears to be surprised with the difficulty.

In the first season of “Penthouse: War in Life,” there was a scene where Oh Yoon Hee’s certification was shown.

It states that her sex was “XY,” which refers to the male gender.

This sparked curiosity among the viewers and thought that the drama would have a shocking revelation with Oh Yoon Hee’s identity.

Shortly after the viewers pointed this out online, the assembly team addressed that this was a prop mistake.

Eugene admits almost ditching the offer in “Penthouse: War in Life”

During the interview, Eugene shared a surprising revelation in her experience within the top-rating drama.

She revealed that she almost refused the offer to seem in “Penthouse: War in Life,” saying that she “was too scared” initially.

Fortunately, Eugene accepted the offer and landed the character as Oh Yoon Hee.

Due to her amazing portrayal, she scored several nominations and even took home the simplest actress award within the 2020 SBS Drama Awards.

How Eugene started in Showbiz

Before being cast within the smash-hit Korean drama, Eugene started off as a KPop star under the group S.E.S alongside Bada and Shoo under SM Entertainment.

Introduced in 1997, S.E.S was then the most well liked girl group and thought of to be the primary generation KPop stars.

After their reign within the late 90 and early 200s, the group disbanded in 2002.

However, this made way for Eugene to delve into acting. Interestingly, she landed her first-ever drama within the same year for the SBS series “Loving You.”

This was followed by several remarkable including “Wonderful Life” and also the popular rom-com drama “Three Dads One Mom” with Jo Hyun Jae, Jae Hee, and Shin Sung Rok.

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