Episode 2 of aespa’s new drama is out! Check it out!

Episode 2 of aespa’s new drama is out! Many humanities stories are shown in this episode! Check out the details right now below!

On June 20, girl group Metaverse’ aespa under SM Entertainment released episode 2 “Next Level” about SMCU’s worldview. The group brings a story about a more cruel worldview and beauty through movies. As soon as the first videos were released, global fans quickly noticed and responded positively.

smcu aespa

SMCU’s worldview is of particular interest to the public. (Photo: SM Entertainment)

In episode 1, aespa introduced the group’s journey to KWANGYA to prevent the Black Mamba force from interfering with the link between the real world and the virtual world. Episode 2 Next Level of SMCU will continue the story of the group’s worldview. In it, aespa will enter KWANGYA to overcome SYNK OUT (disconnected from ae) with the help of nævis and undergo the Hallucination Quest created by Black Mamba.


The worldview space is designed to be eye-catching. (Photo: SM Entertainment)


Karina makes people admire her attractive appearance. (Photo: YouTube aespa)


Giselle’s performance also received many compliments. (Photo: YouTube aespa)

ning ning

NingNing’s impressive scene in episode 2. (Photo: YouTube aespa)


Very dramatic scene of the girl Winter. (Photo: YouTube aespa)

The SMCU worldview video series is a new vision of the future entertainment world that SM wants to convey. Through it, the company introduces the video genre that combines many different elements called CAWMAN. Accordingly, CAWMAN is interpreted as follows:

– C-‘Cartoon’: Animation

– A-‘Animation’: Animation

– W-‘Web-toon’: Web Comics

– M- ‘Motion graphic’: Motion graphics

– A- ‘Avatar’: Transformation

– N- ‘Novel’: Short Novel

Putting it all together is meant to be a composite video genre that depicts the SMCU worldview.


aespa brings the story with a compelling plot. (Photo: SM Entertainment)


The characters are portrayed very vividly. (Photo: SM Entertainment)

On June 19, aespa held the SMCU EP premiere event. 2 ‘Next Level’ at the SM building. Fans after watching have left many “winged” compliments. From the storyline to the cinematic beauty, everything is explosive and eye-catching. At the premiere event, aespa also appeared to exchange and chat with fans as well as take souvenir photos.


The techniques in the video are carefully invested, creating beautiful scenes. (Photo: SM Entertainment)


SM became the focus of attention when taking the lead in bringing the virtual world into the entertainment industry. (Photo: SM Entertainment)

Currently, episode 2 Next Level has become a hot topic of discussion among fans. Many people expressed interest in the product with a new genre from the girl group aespa. Fans are also looking forward to the new details that Metaverse’ aespa brings.

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