Empress Ki cast after 7 years! Where are they now?

Empress Ki

The cast of Empress Ki after 7 years: The one who got into the “sex chat room” scandal, who worked hard to find the glory. 

Seven years have passed since the day that caused the Asian fever with Empress Ki, the film’s cast has experienced many ups and downs in the Korean entertainment industry.

Debuting in 2013 with a talented cast and a compelling storyline, Queen Ki (English name: Empress Ki) quickly created a fever throughout Asia. The film captivates the audience every episode with its fast-paced details, unexpected developments, and impressive performances by the actors. With extremely high ratings and wide coverage, Queen Ki delivered a big hit in the cast’s career. But seven years later, they all have certain problems in their careers.

Ha Ji Won – The most expensive “woman” on Korean screens, trying to find the glory

For more than 20 years of artistic activities, Ha Ji Won has always been recognized as the most beautiful and talented “girl” on the Korean screen. Before coming to Empress Ki, Ha Ji Won has affirmed her star position on the screen through a series of hit movies of various genres. From television to film, from ancient to modern, from emotional humor to horror, fiction, there is no genre where the beautiful “girl” doesn’t experiment and succeed. The series that helped Ha Ji Won have been widely loved, including Truth Game, Phone, Sex Is Zero, Damo, Hwang Jini… and especially the Secret Garden fever paired with Hyun Bin. With such a huge acting fortune, the actress born in 1978 did not have much trouble getting the heavyweight role Ki Seung Nyang in Empress Ki.

ha ji won empress ki

empress ki ha ji won empress ki ha ji won

Until Empress Ki, Ha Ji Won seems to have really reached the peak of her career. In the role of a strong woman who is later to be the mother of the world, the actress is able to show off all her talents from action martial arts to a complex interior and ripe beauty. Later, many viewers always asserted that if it wasn’t for Ha Ji Won, the film would not have been so successful. From here, the actress’s name has spread widely, making her the most sought-after female star in Asia.

secret garden secret garden

ha ji won hwangjini

The period after Empress Ki was a low note in Ha Ji Won’s career. She continues to perform similar roles that have brought her success such as in Brown Eyed Girls, Chronicle of a Blood Merchant, The Time We Were Not in Love, Manhunt, Ship Y Duc , Chocolate… However, there was no further breakthrough. In terms of private life, this is also a painful period in life when Ha Ji Won in turn lost her father and only brother. Up to now, the Asian “Angelina Jolie” is still alone and hard to find the aura, even though there were rumors of dating actors like Hyun Bin, Jin Yi Han or Tran Bach Lam.

Ji Chang Wook – the male god of action and obsession with “bombs” after demobilization

If I had to pick one person who rose to the top in popularity after Empress Ki, it would be Ji Chang Wook. Before coming to the movie, the actor born in 1987 was loved by the audience through the hit drama “Laugh on Dong Hae”. However, the role of Emperor Ta Hwan is really the launching pad to bring Ji Chang Wook to the rank of A-list actors of Asian screens. After the movie, the handsome actor’s career went up like a kite when he “cools off” to choose potential scenarios. Super products like Healer, K2, Fantasy City helped the actor reach the peak of his career with the title of “action male” with huge income and a large international fan base.

ji chang wook empress ki ji chang wook

ji chang wook

The actor’s heat did not decrease during the 2-year military enlistment, however, the “coolness” has somewhat decreased. After the romantic comedy “Surprise Partner”, Ji Chang Wook decided to suspend the action genre to experience and diversify himself more. Not every experiment can easily bring success in a short time, especially when the audience has fallen in love with the image of the “male action god” before. Since his discharge from the army, Ji Chang Wook has absorbed the “bomb” smell through two rom-com projects, Melting Me Softly and Backstreet Rookie. Hopefully, the emperor of Empress Ki will soon find his way back to his throne one day soon.

ji chang wook ji chang wook esquire ji chang wook 1st look

Joo Jin Mo – from a top-notch gentleman to a “sex chat room” criminal that shocked Asia

A sky of regret rushed over when the name Joo Jin Mo was mentioned in the same glorious period as Empress Ki. King Wang Yoo is affectionate, chivalrous, willing to sacrifice himself to protect his lover, making the audience love him more than the male lead. The actor born in 1974 is a talented male star, loved for his image of an elegant and flawless gentleman on the Korean screen. Whether it’s television or film, Joo Jin Mo has made a bold impression on the romantic and masculine beauty of Korea in the 2000s. When it comes to male actors, names like Thousand-Beauty Beauty must be mentioned. , A Frozen Flower, Dream, Flower in Fog…

joo jin mo joo jin mo

It took more than 20 years to build a reputation, but with just a series of scandalous messages, Joo Jin Mo single-handedly ruined the career of many admirers. In January 2020, the Korean entertainment industry was shocked when a group of hackers spread the actor’s prostitution brokerage message to Jang Dong Won. Two veteran stars caused outrage when there were many bed pictures and vulgar comments about women. After this scandal, Joo Jin Mo completely disappeared and it is difficult to think of the actor’s return date in the face of the recent wave of violent boycotts.

joo jin mo joo jin mo

Baek Jin Hee – from talented “evil queen” to “rumored lover” Park Seo Joon

Baek Jin Hee is definitely a name that cannot be ignored in the quartet of Empress Ki. Playing the role of the post-apocalyptic Tanasilli, the actress won the hearts of the audience despite her cruelty and many tricks. Before joining the movie, the star born in 1990 was known for her beautiful appearance and acting talent through the hit series High Kick.

park jin hee park jin hee

After the success of Empress Ki, Baek Jin Hee had many more leading roles, although not too popular, still left an impression in Triangle, Pride and Prejudice, My Daughter Geum Sa-wol, Let’s Eat… In terms of life In private, the actress was once suspected of a “fake love movie” with handsome Park Seo Joon after co-starring in Gold, Appear. It wasn’t until later when it was revealed that her boyfriend was co-star Yoon Hyun Min that these rumors stopped.

park jin hee park seo joon  park jin hee park seo joonpark jin hee instylepark jin hee

Although it has been 7 years, sometimes, the keyword Queen Ki is still hot again because there is no name that can replace the movie in the Korean arc. Despite many ups and downs, the cast sticking with the film has always received the warm love of Asian audiences.

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