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Everything you wish to grasp About S.E.S Leader And Main Vocalist, BADA

Choi Sung-hee was born on February 28, 1980, in Bucheon, Gyeonggi, South Korea. She’s better referred to as Bada or Sea, a Republic of Korean singer and musical actress. She could be a member of the K-pop women’s vocal group, S.E.S. Bada has released four solo albums and 4 singles, furthermore as winning the most effective Actress award at the 3rd Musical Awards, and has starred in ten musicals, to date.

Her father is Choi Sae-wol, a trot singer with a background in Korean pansori. because of financial difficulties during her childhood, especially after her father fell ill, she lived in a container house provided by an area church for nine years until she debuted. during a series of public lectures for adolescents, she conveyed the first journey of her career and encouraged students to not allow their backgrounds to become obstacles in achieving dreams.

Bada was coached by Lee Soo-man and signed on with SM Entertainment. She debuted as a frontrunner and has become the most vocal of S.E.S., the primary female K-pop group to attain great success. Bada studied theater at Dankook University.

Bada’s Profile

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Real Name: Choi Sung-hee (최성희)
Stage Name: Bada (바다) Or Sea
Born: February 28, 1980, Bucheon, Gyeonggi, Asian nation
Occupation: Singer, Composer, Actress
Years Active: 1997-Present
Label: SM Entertainment (1997-2002), MY Entertainment
Height: 164 cm
Education: Dankook University

Bada’s Facts

She was educated at Dankook University and majored in Theater
She includes a two sisters
Her father is Choi Sae-wol, a trot singer.
She lived in a container house provided by the local church for 9 years until her debut, thanks to financial struggles during her childhood, especially after her father fell ill.
Bada was guided by Lee Soo-man and entered SM Entertainment.
She was the primary member to be revealed within the group.
In 2002 her contract with SM Entertainment ended, and she or he left the corporate.
In 2003 Bada signed an exclusive contract with WoongJin entertainment.
In 2003, she released her debut album “A Day of Renew”
She played in several musicals like “Peppermint”, “Broadway on 42nd Street”, “Mozart!”, “Legally Blonde”, “The Scarlet Pimpernel”, “Notre-Dame de Paris”, and “Carmen”.
Bada won the most effective Actress award at the 3rd The Musical Awards and has starred in ten musicals up to now.
She may be a vocal coach for Idol School, an occurrence that formed the group, fromis_9.
On March 23, 2017, she married a franchise owner who was nine years younger than she is.
Bada’s ideal type: “When you initially see it, you’re feeling a specific feeling. Is there someone like that?“

Bada’s Career

Pic 2 - Full profile of SES's BADABada made her debut with S.E.S. in 1997. The group released their first album titled “I’m Your Girl” on the holy day of obligation, 1997. They later became the K-pop female vocal group with top album sales. Since their debut, the group has released five Korean albums and two Japanese albums. They also released a compilation album titled “Friend” for the last time, before disbanding in late 2002. S.E.S members Bada and Eugene decided to depart SM Entertainment, while Shoo remained with SM Entertainment until 2006.

Bada released a special album, “Flower”, to celebrate her 20th anniversary on June 13, 2016. The album consisted of 4 songs: Amazing, Flower (feat. Kanto), Make a Wish, and Flower (Remix version). She also released two music videos, one for Flower on June 13 and another for Amazing on June 15.

Bada signed an exclusive contract with WoongJin entertainment. In 2003, Bada released her debut solo album every day of Renew, which has sold approximately 130,000 copies, in line with the Music Industry Association of Korea. Bada became the primary Korean idol singer to venture onto the musical stage in 2003, with the musical Peppermint, a story of a couple of singers named Bada. it had been written for her by creator and producer Lee Yuri, who is additionally answerable for other musical projects like Typhoon, Mother, and Winter Sonata. In 2004, her second album, Aurora, was released and has sold approximately 23,000 copies.

In 2006, her third album, Made in Sea, was an enormous success. In 2007, Bada was cast within the role of Denise within the Korean version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Tell Me on a Sunday. Right afterward, she took on the role of Esmeralda as an element of the first Korean cast of Notre-Dame de Paris. Her widely-praised portrayal of Esmeralda gained her acceptance as a musical actress and won her the simplest Newcomer Actress award et al at The Musical Awards and also the Korea Musical Daesangs in 2008. She reprised the role in 2009.

In 2009, Bada released her fourth album, called See the ocean, which featured both the Korean assemblage Untouchable and 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon. the subsequent year, 200 Pounds Beauty, a musical supported the popular movie of the identical name, cast Bada within the titular role of Kang Hanbyul, an overweight ghost singer who aspires to become a star and undergoes extensive cosmetic surgery. Bada’s turn as Kang earned her the simplest Actress honor at the third The Musical Awards. She was recast in 2011 for the project.

In 2010, Bada played Peggy Sawyer on Broadway on 42nd Street. In 2012, she briefly took on the role of Mozart’s wife, Constanze, in Mozart!,

In 2013, she was cast as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. During Legally Blonde, her mother died. Despite the loss, Bada continued performances for the musical until its final run and famously sang Secret Garden’s You Raise Me au courant KBS’s Open Music Concert just two days after her mother’s death. She has since stated that the loss was the explanation for her relative inactivity in both her music and musical careers from 2011 to the center of 2013. In 2013, she was cast as Marguerite within the first Korean adaptation of Frank Wildhorn’s The red pimpernel. that very same year, Bada appeared as a vocalist for the song City Life on American electronic musician Brian Transeau’s electronic popular music album A Song Across Wires.

Bada’s Discography


  • A Day of Renew (2003)
  • Aurora (2004)
  • Made in Sea (2006)
  • See the ocean (2009)


  • Start (2006)
  • Queen (2007)
  • With Me (2011)
  • Precious (2014)


  • I’m Sorry, I love You O.S.T. – “One Day Passes” (2004)
  • Spring Waltz O.S.T.- “Rainbow” (2006)
  • Famous ‘Seven’ Princesses O.S.T. – “Start Again” (2006)
  • I Love You O.S.T. – “My Destiny” (2008)
  • Baker King Kim Tak-goo O.S.T. – “Only One Person” (2010)
  • A Thousand Kisses O.S.T. – “Sweet My Love” (2011)
  • Glass Mask O.S.T. – “It Hurts and Hurts” (2012)
  • Goddess of Marriage O.S.T. – “Stay” (2013)

Musical Soundtracks

  • Notre Dame de Paris O.S.T. – Original Korean Cast Recording (2009)
  • Carmen O.S.T. – “If I Could” (2013)


  • Rain mortal – “Like You” (2002)
  • Dynamic Duo Enlightened – “Dream” (2007)
  • Windy City Think About’ Chu – “Think About’ Chu” (2008)
  • Infinite Challenge Seo Hae-An Highway Music Festival – “A Song Only I Can Sing” (2011)
  • BT A Song Across Wires – “City Life” (2013)
  • ZoPD Golden Goose Part.1 – “Candy” (2015)

Bada’s Personal Life

S.E.S’s Bada Officially Married along with her Boyfriend 9 Years Old Younger Than Her!

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After being found to possess a boyfriend in September 2016, Bada finally established her heart to step more seriously with a person who’s nine years younger than she is. right today (03/23), this senior group member of S.E.S officially married her sweetheart.

The marriage blessing process, itself, passed at a Catholic Church in Junglim-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea. Before proceeding in a very closed procession, Bada first addressed the media crews who had been present outside the church.

This 1980-born singer looked beautifully wrapped in an exceedingly white dress thereupon was simple, but still elegant. Her appearance was made even sweeter with the minimalist accessories that adorned her head. She was amid two fellow group members, Eugene and Shoo, who shared their feelings.

Like releasing her daughter, Eugene expressed her happiness, “I’m very happy. i feel it’ll be more fun. Be proud of the cool groom. Very nice”. She also said the identical thing, and per her, Bada was alright matched together with her husband, “Michelle (the godfather of Bada), I like you”.

Pic 4 - Full profile of SES's BADAIn addition to her fellow group members, a series of celebrities were also seen attending this closed wedding, ranging from her best friends, Solbi’s Younha, former Rainbow member Jisook, Stephanie, actress Cha Ye-Ryeon, and senior actress Chae Si-Ra. There have been also her junior, Haein LABOUM, Berry Good, 2PM’s Taecyeon, and Sandara Park. Also seen were her agency partner Ryeowook, who is now a man, and Lee Soo-Man.

S.E.S’s Bada release About Her Husband And Their story

S.E.S’s Bada appeared in her first variety since her marriage. The episode of JTBC’s “Please make sure of My Refrigerator” was aired in May and revealed the fridges of Bada and Solbi.

During the show, Bada detached about being the last member of S.E.S to urge married. In March, she married her husband, who is claimed to appear like actor Park Bo Gum.

The singer was set to speak about everything from how the 2 met until the instant they got married, beginning with, “At first, I used to be even hesitant up to now my husband due to our age gap.” She surprised everyone when she said her nickname for her husband is “Grandpa” while his nickname for her is “Baby.”

Solbi revealed that she’s met Bada’s husband and described him as, “He’s a bloke who can make your heart race by just standing there. Though he’s younger than Bada, he’s very reliable and he’s someone who is extremely understanding.”

The full story of Bada and her husband’s beautiful story will air on May Day at 9:30 p.m. KST on JTBC’s “Please be sure of My Refrigerator.”

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