Do you wanna know Kim Ah Joong’s husband?

Cover - Do you wanna know Kim Ah Joong's husband?

Do you wanna know Kim Ah Joong’s husband? This article will show all you guys everything about her! Get ready to discover with Xenews! 

The Beautiful Actress Kim Ah-joong

Kim Ah-joong is a famous actress from South Korea. Most of her work in movies and dramas is in the romantic-comedy genre. Perhaps, Kim Ah-joong has a public relationship, or maybe, she is already married. If so, who’s her husband? Are you curious? Let’s get to know more about Kim Ah Joong’s love life!

Kim Ah-joong’s Love Life

Kim Ah-joong hasn’t gotten married yet, and she has not exposed a relationship to the public. When asked about her love life, she becomes confused because right now she wants to focus more on her career. But, it seems like Kim Ah-joong is often in friendly relationships with her co-stars at work.

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In 2013, Kim Ah-joong starred in the movie Steal My Heart with actor Joo Won. At the press conference, they were asked about each other’s feelings. Joo Won answered that he had to have feelings for his co-star because of the love story in the movie. Joo Won also shyly admitted that he is attracted to Kim Ah-joong. For Kim Ah-joong, she also admitted that she has feelings for him, “Joo Won gave off a feeling of a younger colleague, and it made me comfortable. There are times I see Joo Won as a man.”

But, there’s no news about them dating each other. In the same interview, Kim Ah-joong also asked about what kind of girlfriend she is. Kim answered that she is the kind of girlfriend who’s soft and respects her boyfriend.

Pic 2 - Do you wanna know Kim Ah Joong's husband?Recently, Kim Ah-joong starred in the drama Live Up to Your Name with actor Kim Nam-gil. Their chemistry in the drama looked real and netizens speculated that they were dating in real life. But, there’s no reported news about them dating. Kim said that she is only trying to feel the character’s feelings, especially for the love scenes, and that’s why it looks real. In an interview with Chosun News (10/13/2017), Kim Ah-joong jokingly answered a marriage and dating question by stating “I’m also curious about when I am gonna date and get married.”

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People thought that Kim Ah-joong would be dating many men, but she is actually not. She spends her spare time watching movies at home. But, in 2012, when she was a guest on the show Happy Together, she said that the worst gift from her boyfriend was fashionable clothes. However, Kim didn’t give any details about her ex-boyfriend.

In the press conference for her movie My P.S. Partner, she was asked what she would do if her boyfriend has an affair. She answered, “If my boyfriend has an affair, I can’t forgive him. But, I don’t get upset and will quietly disappear.” It seems like Kim Ah-joong is quite cool and wise about her reactions!

Pic 4 - Do you wanna know Kim Ah Joong's husband?About marriage, Kim Ah-joong is seriously thinking about it because of her age. This year, she is 35 years old. She wants to have a family of her own. Her family isn’t pressuring her to get married.

“I didn’t have a target about love because I still have other targets that are better than love,” she said.

Kim Ah-joong’s ideal type is a man who has the same sense of humor as her. She also likes a man who has a good voice and a good tone because a man can change his appearance but can’t change his voice. For her, a man who is focused and passionate about his work is also attractive.

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